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Mav’s Comic Roundup : 2/5/13


Mav’s Comic Roundup 2/5/13

Howdy Folks,

There are Super Spoilers ahead for those who haven’t been reading Captain America, Uncanny Avengers and Superior Spiderman.  If you’re planning on being surprised by reading it, go check out another column here on Totally Driven, cause I’m about to discuss some recent craziness…

You’ve been warned…..

OK, final warning…

here we go…

There’s a rather odd trend developing in a few of Marvel Comics “Marvel Now” titles, and I don’t think it’s at all a coincidence.

In the interest of fairness, this is 100% speculation on my part.  I have nothing more than a hunch and some circumstantial evidence to go on… but lets look at that evidence shall we?

In the Opening issue of Uncanny Avengers it’s revealed that the Red Skull has taken the brain of the now deceased Professor X and fused it with his brain.  Don’t think about it, it’s comics and in the worked of comics, that’s really not that far fetched.

In his own comic, Captain America is merged with the consciousness of his long time rival Arnim Zola while trapped in “Dimension Z”  The same Arnim Zola that has aligned himself often with the Red Skull.

And in the story that made all the newspapers and broke the internet in half, Doctor Octopus “switched bodies” with Spiderman, and while Parker seemingly “Died” in Doc. Ock’s body, there are already signs of that not being totally the whole story.

Now, while all these “possessions” are unique to each other, they all happened in a relatively close time period, and in the case of Cap and the Red Skull, were written by the same writer.  This to me points to one of two things;
1. Really poorly planned writing
2. We’re seeing the beginnings of another big Marvel event.  In this case, I believe it’s the latter.

Zola and The Red Skull have a long history of working together, and Cap is an ongoing part of the Avengers universe, so that really seems to be an easy fit for a big event.  Doc Spiderpuss is currently involved with the Avengers, however if the teasers are to be believed, that won’t be for too much longer.

What will the story be?  Who knows, but the conflict of heroes and villains cohabiting the same body opens itself up for LOTS of potential drama, and if the current trend in comics remains true, LOTS of crossover comics.

But again, I could be very wrong.  Stay tuned Marvel fans.

Toy Fair is coming up this weekend kids, as usual I’m crazy geeked over the prospect of all the new toys we’ll be seeing.  Next weeks column will essentially be a geekgasm dedicated to all the comic toys shown at TF13, and of course, my thoughts on them.

See you next week, same Mav Time, Same Mav Channel.

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