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Maverick’s Comic Roundup : 2013 Comic Toys Preview


Maverick’s Comic Roundup

2013 Comic Toys Preview

by Maverick

Feb 12, 2013

“Where does he get those wonderful toys?” -The Joker

If you’re a toy fan or collector than you probably already know about The International Toy Fair event that started this past weekend in New York.  If you don’t well get ready for an awakening. Toy Fair is a convention where every major toy company displays product they hope to sell in stores.  Retailers and business owners get to check out the presentations and decide what will fill their toy and collectible aisles during the coming year.

Now that we have this wonderful tool called the interweb, smart companies have begun to “leak” info and grant clearance to toy and fan sites to try and drum up excitement for the product.

I spent most of the weekend on several toy sites checking out what was coming up and it’s going to be an exciting year if you’re a comic fan who loves toys.  I have made a list of some of the things I’m excited about, and I’ve included links to the pictures so you can see these for yourself.

All the credit for the pictures goes to the sites mentioned with the link:

Classic TV Batman:
This show is the reason myself and thousands of other got into comics and superheroes in the first place.  Now, after a several decades merchandising dry spell due to licensing issues, we’re finally getting toys and collectibles based on the iconic Adam West series.  There will be Action figure sets based on the show, playlets and much more based on the show. There are even gonna be Ken and Barbie as Batman and Catwoman… not that I collect Barbies or anything.  ahem.  yeah..  I’m literally cleaning off a shelve as we speak to make room for pretty much all of these.

Check out Toy News Internationals coverage here:

Star Wars:
I imagine It has to be pretty hard to get Star Wars collectors excited at this point, SW toys have been a main stay of toy aisles seemingly forever with literally millions of toys, statues, busts, and more being made.  So what can Hasbro do to maintain interest until the new movies start the feeding frenzy for new characters?  They’re going bigger!  The original Star Wars toys in the 70’s changed action figures forever, the popularity of the 3.75″ toys and the ability to produce cheaper playsets and vehicles essentially killed 12″ figures and bigger toys.  Ever since that time, Star Wars has essentially been a smaller figure line.  Todays fans however have clamored for bigger 6″ figures that are popular with comic book toy collectors.  Enter Star Wars Black, a new line of six inch figures.

Here’s a peek from Jedi Insider

And if six inches isn’t big enough for you, here are some 12 inch Star Wars figures:

What’s your favorite comic book character?  TV Show?  Movie?  Christmas Special?  Sports team? Disney movie?  Odds are Funko has a cool bobble head, mini figure, pop vinyl or other collectible coming out featuring that character this year.  I can’t even begin to mention the amount of awesomeness coming soon.  Some of the fun I’m looking forward to include; Masters of the Universe pop vinyl figures, Clark Griswald bobble head and pretty much anything from the Classic Batman line.
Other things that stood out to me; WWE, Jay and Silent Bob and Ace Ventura Pop Vinyls, the new blind mini figure collectibles from Disney, Batman and walking dead Zombies, and by far the craziest thing I’ve seen all year, KISS & Hello Kitty Mashups.  Yes, Hello Kitty dressed as the band KISS.

Here is just some of the goodness from Action Figure Insider:

I think Legos are awesome.  Sadly I can’t afford some of the bigger sets, but that doesn’t stop me from being a fan.  For obvious reasons I’m definitely getting myself a Lego Lone Ranger figure this year.

Toy News International had some images of the new Mav…er Lone Ranger Sets:

It’s now Monday as I’m finishing up this column and I still haven’t finished checking everything out.  There’s just WAY too much.  By now if you’ve checked any of the sites out that I’ve linked to, you know this.  So check out the pics, revel in all the geeky goodness, and start making out your Christmas list kiddies.  It’s gonna be a good year to be an action figure fan.

This Saturday I will be appearing at the Comic Universe in Folsom PA.  I will be hosting the annual Store Anniversary Auction.  I’ve been hosting the auction for several years and it’s usually a lot of fun.  So come check it out and maybe grab yourself a great deal on some comic swag.  Go to ComicUniverse.Net for more.

Tune in next time, Same Maverick Time, Same Maverick Channel

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