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Mav’s Comic Roundup : Herobear goes BOOM !!


Mav’s Comic Roundup 

by Mike “Mav” Grandizio

Herobear goes BOOM!

Some rather exciting news squeaked out this week at the ComicPro summit, Herobear and The Kid will be returning as a part of Boom Comics all ages KaBoom imprint.

For me personally, this is the biggest comic news story of the week, and there were some big stories this week.  Check out this video announcement below:

Video credit:  ComicsAlliance.Com

For those who don’t know, Herobear is the two time Eisner Award winning comic series, created by Mike Kunkel that was originally released in 2002/2003.  The series is about a young boy named Tyler who inherits a broken pocket watch, old stuffed bear, and ultimately, an amazing destiny.

I picked up this book in trade form after hearing so much about it, and it quite literally changed how I read comics, and at the same time it reenforced everything I loved about comics.  I’ve since purchased several copies to give as gifts to friends.  It has actually become an annual tradition to read Herobear with my daughters.

Since the original story, Herobear has made a few sporadic appearances, a crossover with Decoy, and few comic strips and random doodles Mike would post on his blog or Facebook page, but nothing more.  Mike went on to do some amazing work on projects like The Land of Sokmonster and DC’s “Billy Batson and The Magic of Shazam”.  But I always longed for more Herobear.  You can’t really blame Mike though, he wanted to give us more, even teased it a few times.  However his “day job” of being a world class animator for Disney, Cartoon Network and more keeps him plenty busy.

Mike also recently launched a successful Kickstarter campaign for his children’s book “Timmy and The Moon Piece”  That I can proudly say I supported and look forward to seeing completed soon.

This weekend is the Emerald City Comic Con (sadly not located in the Land of Oz) and hopefully Boom will give us more details about the book and it’s release.  I know they are giving out an exclusive print at the con, so I’ll be checking Ebay for a copy.  In the meantime I’ll wait anxiously until I get to read the further adventures of Tyler and Herobear.

Tune in next time, Same Mav Time, Same Mav Channel

For more about Herobear and The Kid:  www.theastonishfactory.com

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One thought on “Mav’s Comic Roundup : Herobear goes BOOM !!

  1. The video file didn’t work for some reason. here’s a link to the video.

    Posted by Mav | March 1, 2013, 6:30 pm

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