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The NFL Depot : Top 5 Free Agents



by Dave Mest Jr.

The Top 5 Free Agents


Welcome back to the NFL Depot! I’m your host Dave Mest. After some time away, dealing with a family matter, I once again take my place among the TD staff. With my first column back, I’m going to look at my top 5 free agents, and who might, in my opinion, be the best team for said player to sign with. So let me try and remember the catch phrase, oh yeah, let’s get to it!

1. Jake Long OT (Miami). I know Long is coming off an injury, in which he missed 6 games, and some are saying he’s in decline. But, let’s face it, OT’s are still in high demand, and someone is going to pay him. Long is still a very effective tackle, and who knows the team he signs with might want to move him inside to guard. But, I do see him staying at tackle for now.
Landing spot: I like him to stay put in Miami, at a lesser price then what he wants. But let’s face it money talks. Most likley, I see Green Bay swooping in and grabbing Long to protect Rodgers blind side for the next 4 to 5 years. Outside landing spot for Long might be the Saints. If New Orleans can’t pay Jermon Bushrod.

 2. Wes Welker WR (New England). I’m only putting Welker on this list because; he and New England are having issues. Let’s face it, Welker does it all. The guy goes over the middle, pulls a lot of the top corners in the league, and still manages to grab over a 100 balls. Welker is a great teammate and a good locker room guy. Why New England is giving him troubles with a new contract is beyond me.
Landing spots: I think Welker and New England work it out. But, just in case they don’t, I see his former team, Miami in the mix, as well as Minnesota. But, if the Pats let Welker walk, some other teams might show interest. How fitting would it be if the Jets put their hats in the ring, for Welker? Let’s face it; if there is ever a team that could use a great locker room guy, and a team leader, it’s the Jets.
3. Mike Wallace WR (Pittsburgh). Let’s face it; unless the cap number somehow jumps, or the Steelers lose their minds, there is no way Mike Wallace is back in a Steelers uniform next season. Because, Wallace has blazing speed, and not much else to offer in my opinion. But, because he has that speed someone is going to pay him a lot of money. I think out of the 5 I’m listing, Wallace has the biggest potential to wear the bust tag. When the going got tough last season, and you know because he’s looking for the pay day, his situation might get worse than it ever was in Pittsburgh last season. So is his new team going to get the locker room distraction, and lack of play, or is Mike Wallace one of those players, that as long as he’s paid, that’s all that matters. I feel it buyers beware, whatever team decides to open its checkbook.
Landing spots: I think Miami is going to open the checkbook wide, I see Wallace in a Dolphins uniform next season. But then again, Minnesota has been mentioned here as well. Either way, it will be a young QB throwing him the ball, not a Super Bowl winning QB, in Big Ben. I also see Cleveland sniffing around Wallace as well. But in the End I think Miami will sign Wallace to the big money he’s looking for.
4. Dashon Goldson S (San Francisco). Goldson is the best DB in this year’s FA class. He can cover well, hit and make the big plays a defense is looking for. Plus, he’s a big punishing safety at 6’2″ 200 pounds. He has nice career stats 14 ints, 3 sacks and 5 forced fumbles. But his big price tag has turned the 49ers off. So, Goldson will test the free agent market.
Landing spots: I see a bunch of teams that need safety help Indianapolis, Philadelphia, Tampa, and Cincinnati, just to name a few. But let’s face it; it’s going to take a team with deep pockets to sigh Goldson. I think it will come down to a three team race between Indy, Philly and Cincinnati. With Cincinnati coming up with the cash, and the means to win the day.
5. Cliff Avril DE (Detroit) Avril is a dream DE, for any team that runs the wide 9 or a regular 4-3 defense.  He’s big, 6’3″, fast and physical 260 pounds. And his put up some very impressive stats over the last 5 years, in Detroit. 125 tackles, 39.5 sacks, 16 forced fumbles, and chip in one int. whoever signs Avril will get monster play and toughness for years to come.
Landing spots: I see a 3 team race for Avril’s services. I see it coming down to Tampa, Atlanta, and Miami. All three have the cash to make the deal, but Atlanta will win out. The reason I think Avril will wind up with the Falcons is simple, he wants to win.

Well that’s a wrap for this week. To let everyone know I will be changing the name of the column, to the All Sports Depot. Over the next few weeks I’ll start touching bases in other areas in the world of sports. I will also be starting school at the Connecticut School of Broadcasting in the next few weeks, so things are about to get good. Till next time, See Ya!
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