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Chewin the Fat : Monster Mania 24 Recap

 Chewin the Fat 

by Bay Ragni

Monster Mania 24 Recap

March 8 – 10, 2013



Well another Monster Mania Weekend has come and gone, and it seems to be more successful, more popular, and more fun than ever !!!

This Bi-Annual Con that is held every March and August in Cherry Hill, and every September in Maryland, is like a Christmas holiday for thousands who come to everyone.

People including this writer, wait patiently for the buildup by check their website and Facebook page daily for updates, to see if their favorite stars will be appear at the upcoming Con.

Well this past weekend’s Con did not disappoint.

As always packed with celebrities who are either current, or rising stars, and celebs whose days of shining bright have past. It all equals out to great fun experiences for a chance to meet and talk with the stars of our favorite movies and TV shows.

Not only is it packed with celebrities, but vendors from far and wide who sell either shirts, dolls, jewelry, plushies, comic books, movies, movie prop body parts, and even dead animals……..yes, I have pictures to prove it.

They also hold Celeb panels, where stars of shows or movies will talk about their time filming, and hold Q&A sessions, as well as movie screening rooms. You can spend a whole day alone just being a part of these, which are always so much fun to hear the stars thoughts of their work, and everything to do with that show or movie.

There is also costume contest, which what would a con be if people weren’t in costume. Which out of all the cons I have been to over the years, Monster Mania without a doubt brings out the best costumes, I have ever seen. It is almost like being on the actual movie set with Freddy or Jason, or whoever is in costume.

If you haven’t been out to Monster Mania you’re truly missing out, this year seems to have been their biggest one yet, as some people have actually been complaining that they haven’t gotten too big and need to move to a bigger venue.

Obviously that means, if you haven’t been there, your missing out !!!

Monster Mania Conventions Official Website



Their Facebook Page







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