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Mav’s Comic Roundup : 3/15/13 – Random Comic Reviews



Mav’s Comic Roundup 

March 15, 2013

by Mike “Mav” Grandizio

Random Comic Reviews…

I have a pile of books here from the last few weeks.  Let’s go through them quickly and do some quick reviews, shall we…

Spongebob 17:  What a fun book.  My youngest has actually read this four or five times.  It’s done in the style of the old choose your adventure books so the story is different every time you read it. (United Plankton)

Detective 18:  A requiem issue, but honestly not much of one.  It seems they through in two pages so get the rub from Damian’s passing and went on about their story.  (DC Comics)

Green Lantern 18:  Not much to write home about here.  I’ve been losing interest in this book since the reboot.  The new Green Lantern Baz, is a fairly interesting character, however I don’t see the need for him in a book that’s way too crowded already since Sinestro and Hal are dueling over top billing in the book.  (DC Comics)

Peanuts 6: I really love this series.  The classic strips are always fun, and many of the new ones are just as entertaining.  They’ve worked hard to make the characters ring true to what we all know and love about the Peanuts gang. (KaBoom)

Banshee Origins:  This was a freebie handed out in comic stores a few weeks ago, and it’s still available on Comixology.  If you like the show then this book will be a fun addition to the series.  It’s a quick story about some pivotal events that took place before the shows storyline began.  I’m glad I waited to read it until after watching the show though, since I was familiar with the world everything meant more than when I first skimmed it.  (IDW)

Guardians of the Galaxy Infinite Comics Drax:  An exclusive to digital preview of the new Guardians series.  Since it was made for digital the presentation is stellar.  I like the idea of the infinite comics, it gives the book a more cinematic presentation almost.  Not a huge guardians fan, but that didn’t matter, the story was straight forward and filled you in on everything you needed to know.  (Marvel)

Hawkeye 1:  This is my new favorite comic.  Well written, lots of fun with great action, humor and even a little heart.  I knew very little of Hawkeye other than his appearances in Avengers books where he is usually portrayed as a loud mouth wannabe Green Arrow.  This book fleshes him out into a great character, I loved the first issue so much I immediately went to my local comic store and bought the trade.  (Marvel)

I hope you’re enjoying my weekly comics column, if you are please consider checking out the all-new, all-different Comic Book Squad Radio Show.  It debuts this Wednesday March 20th at 6:30.  We’ll be talking comic books, superheroes and everything related.  So give us a listen and maybe call in.  We’re giving away fun stuff too!   BlogTalkRadio/ComicBookSquad

Tune in next time, Same Mav Time, Same Mav Channel…

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