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Chewin the Fat : GLOW “The Story of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling”

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 Chewin the Fat :

by Bay Ragni

GLOW “The Story of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling”



photo-mainWhen I heard there was a documentary being made about one of my teenage TV guilty pleasures, GLOW I was really excited. Not only am I a person who loves good documentaries, but I was really interested in the whole back story of GLOW and where are they now.

GLOW if you were living under a rock or not even born yet was a huge TV phenom in the mid to late Eighties.

It was a female version of what the then called WWF Wrestling was. It was water downed, cartoon version of what professional wrestling really was.

It’s cartoon like character persona’s, and hokey skits, and bad rapping to go with bad wrestling, somehow this weekly hour show was not only entertaining but made you fall in love with not only the characters, but the GLOW product as a whole.

GLOW which stood for Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling was just that. It was filled with beautiful women, of all glow13shapes, sizes, and personalities.

The Documentary which just aired on the LOGO network, was filmed in 2011 and brought us to the very beginning of how the whole idea came together, to be a true woman’s wrestling federation, but was turned into the cartoon version of what it became.

Hundreds of women came out to try out for a TV Show, once many of them found out it was going to be a wrestling show, many of them walked out. Which I bet, many came to regret.

Legendary pro wrestler Mando Guerrero was the teacher, who trained the girls to become wrestlers.

The GLOW TV show which was taped out of the Legendary Vegas casino The Riveria, also became the GLOW girl’s home, as they were all moved into the casino.

From there is where the bond of friendships, sisters, and family atmosphere was made as the girls rose to fame and became household names, celebrities and stars.

movies_glow.wideaAs quick as their fame and stardom rose in that 4 year span they were on TV, they were gone within a blink of an eye.

You get to see where the girls are now, the emotional and tearful reunion, and find out who the true heart of GLOW was and why, not only the fans lost GLOW, but so did the girls.

So now after 20 plus years of wondering who, how and what happened to the GLOW girls, you have the chance to watch it. You can order copies of the DVD online, if you loved the show, you’ll love the documentary!!



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