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Mav’s Comic Roundup : 3/22/13 – The Wonderful Four Color World of Comics


Mav’s Comic Roundup

by Mike “Mav” Grandizio

The Wonderful Four Color World of Comics 


Howdy folks,
First off, thank you to everyone who tuned in to listen to the first episode of The Comic Book Squad Radio Show.  I think the show was a good first  start and things will get better as we get going.  I hope you stick around, we have lots of fun stuff planned.

Recently, I’ve heard from a lot of people who have either “gotten out of comics” or have been introduced to comics thanks to other media (Thanks Avengers Movie!) and are thinking of exploring the wonderful four color world of comic books.  This week I thought I’d give a few tips on where to begin.

What do you like? 
This is a big one, and probably the most important.  Some people approach comic collecting as an investment first and a hobby second.  I’m going to break it to you know, you’re more than likely not going to get rich with your comic collection.  So approaching comic books as a strict investment will probably be a let down for you.
Instead find something you’re interested in, whether it be Superheroes, TV movie tie ins, Fantasy, horror, romance, music, there is quite literally a comic book for any interest.  Besides, if you pick something you’re interested in, you’re more likely to enjoy it, and stick with it.

Where do I start?
I usually suggest a trade paperback at first.  These tend to be cheaper than hunting down individual issues and gives you a more complete story.  This works well especially if your looking for Batman, Spiderman, X-Men or someone with years and years of stories to choose from.  Once you read something you enjoy, then you can go from there.

Where do I look?
Yeah, I get it, Comic Book stores have a reputation for being dark and dreary places that are filled with people who make The Simpson’s Comic Book Guy look like a Disney Cast Member.  And yes, I’ve been in stores like that… A LOT of stores like that actually.  While those stores are their own worst enemy I’m going to tell you not all stores are like that.  Many comic stores, especially newer stores are getting it, they’re brightly lit and inviting, filled with friendly professional staff.  So ask around, see where your friends and colleagues shop.

Book Stores are another great option, although they often have a limited inventory.  Still if you’re gun shy about a comic store, this is the next best place to look.

Finally, since it is the 21st century, why not look where everyone looks for everything.  The internet!  I’ve become a big fan of Comixology, the definitive comic book reading app.  Since it’s a free download you can look around and find something you are interested in with little pressure.  There are lots of free previews too so you can explore more in depth.  Even if you choose not to get into digital comics you can check out some things, and then go get print versions of what you’re into.

And finally, ask around.  You probably already know a comic book fan.  Hit them up and ask him what they read.  More than likely they’ll be happy to share their passion with you.  Possibly too much, but don’t hold it against them, Comic Books can be an exciting and fun hobby.  Happy Hunting.

Tune in next time, Same Mav Time, Same Mav Channel…

Listen to Maverick every Wednesday Night at 6:30 on The Comic Book Squad Radio Show.  BlogTalkRadio/ComicBookSquad

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