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Chewin the Fat : North East Rod & Custom Car Show Nationals 2013

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Chewin the Fat 

by Bay Ragni

North East Rod & Custom Car Show Nationals 2013


Ever since I was a small child of 2 – 3 years old, I remember my 2 loves and passions, The Philadelphia Eagles and Cars. I would have boxes of Hot Wheels, Matchboxes, and die cast cars everywhere while growing up.

My biggest goal while growing up was to be 16 and start driving.

Then my whole life changed in the late 70’s, when my older cousin took me to the Philadelphia Civic Center for their yearly display of the World of Wheels custom car show.

The colorful paint jobs that were so shiny the cars looked like they were made of glass.

Chrome wheels so bright that you needed sunglasses to look at them.

The Engines bursting through the hoods of cars.

313795_10151567901154574_1236435873_nCars on mirrored displays, so you can see every inch of detail under the cars.

These cars where nothing like you would ever see driving down the road in average town, USA. These were cars that people spent years and tons of money to make every little bolt, screw, and nut be precision perfect.

From that moment on, I waited patiently every year to go, to see the cars and just dream how I would make my car so it could be in the car show.

As I got older and started driving myself, I would go with my friends each year, until it just stopped and disappeared.

The World of Wheels car show, stopped coming to Philly.

Of course there was your local car shows that would display some beautiful cars but nothing like the quality of cars you would see there, until now !!!

I went to my first North East Rod & Custom Car Show Nationals in Oaks, Pa and I felt like a little kid all over again.

The cars of all shapes and sizes on display, cars on glass, cars on ramps, the glass like paint jobs, and shine that needed sunglasses, it was all there on display.

What a site, room after room of cars and motorcycles. Vendors selling tons of merchandise it was 1979 all over again.

So if you’re a car nut like me, and not only miss the old Civic Center, but miss the World of Wheels Car show, it is happening now !!!

So Don’t Miss It !!!

Check out the Pictures……….


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