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Weekly Angst : March 26, 2013

weekly angst

Weekly Angst

by Nick Wilkinson

March 26, 2013

Hello Angsters! It’s been awhile since I last graced you with my wit & knowledge of all things angst.

TVNATIONWITHNICKWhile I promise to still deliver articles on teen angst and the shows we love to never admit watching, I am also going to be expanding my TV Nation segment on Totally Driven Radio to some articles & reviews. As with all my articles, there are no real rules here so mostly I write about what tickles my fancy. Look out for my other articles and share them with your friends too! Check me out on Facebook at www.facebook.com/NickWilkinson.Author & check out my weekly segment TV Nation, on Totally Driven Radio Thursday nights from 8pm-10pm at The VOC NATION www.VOCNation.com

NOW! On to the angst!

It’s been quiet lately because a lot of our shows have winded down for the season and pilots have not yet been picked up for certain, but we do have some movement in the world of teen angst!

There are rumors starting to swirl about the possible cancellation of Degrassi: The Next Generation (known now simply as Degrassi, since season 10). After over 300 episodes & 12 seasons to date, Degrassi has seemingly always been there. It full of cliches and bad acting but its where our angsters break their chops, they learn the biz and then they move on. A show like this should never be canceled, not when the concept of the show allows for writers to be replaced & characters to be written off over the summer.

I don’t know at this time if Degrassi is being canceled for sure but it would seem like a smart move for The CW to pick up this fan favorite. It’s could be a revolving door for young talent to learn & gain experience. The format of the show would allow for bad story lines & characters to be easily written off or replaced. The CW has enough money to occasionally bring back characters from the past who already work hand in hand with the network. Degrassi has been kind to The CW (90210, The Vampire Diaries, LA Complex all star former Degrassi alumni) maybe its time to return the favor.

After 5 seasons on the air, The CW says goodbye to America’s most famous zip code. 90210 will be ending its run in May. Producers have allowed re-shoots to give fans the ending they deserve so no need to fear the dreaded cancellation cliffhanger! The sequel-esq series survived just half as long as its predecessor “Beverly Hills, 90210” which ran for 10 years.

Speaking of TVD, it’s spin-off is almost certain for a pilot pick up. The Immortals, set in New Orleans decades before TVD has fans wondering if that means Claus will finally getting the stake he deserves. Never say never in Mystic Falls but I say it’s probably a safe bet that TVD writers make sure they have an escape claus(e)..

Fan Made Trailer:

Having already said goodbye to the long running One Tree Hill & one time phenomenon Gossip Girl I worry about the presence of teen angst on TV in the future. The CW seems to be refocusing its demo and aiming a little higher in age with shows like The Immortals, Beauty & The Beast and Arrow.

ABC Family still has us on tap with fan favorites Pretty Little Liars & The Lying Game as well as Switched at Birth and newcomer Bunheads but hasn’t really captured the supernatural market yet with failures like The 9 Lives of Chloe King. ABC Family however looks to be eyeing the future teen market with upcoming shows like Twisted, a very funny and very dark murder mystery.

However, even ABC Family is saying farewell to yet another of its teen angst shows. As a matter of fact you could make the argument that The Secret Life of the American Teenage helped build ABC Family into what it has become today.

As in life, all things come to an end and the future of angst is up in the air…



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