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Chewin the Fat : The Cowboys Contract extension of Tony Romo

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 Chewin the Fat 

by Bay Ragni

The Cowboys Contract extension of Tony Romo


dal_u_jjtrts_576Dallas Cowboys Owner / General Manager Jerry Jones seem to be showing signs of senility. The Cowboys have just given their Quarterback Tony Romo a contract extension which makes him one of the highest paid players in the NFL.

Romo was just given a 6 year, 108 Million contract extension by Jerry Jones and the Cowboys.

Now a contract like that is a contract you would expect would be given as a reward for winning the Super Bowl, similar to the extension Joe Flacco received after his Super Bowl win and Super Bowl MVP award this past February.

Romo is coming off an 8-8 season, and failing to make the playoffs for a third straight season so this has toromo.tony.070808.080708.215337 come as a major shock around the league.

I think former Eagles Quarterback summed it up with a Tweet of what all of the NFL & NFL Fans were thinking, when he said “WOW Really, With 1 Playoff Win, You got to be kidding me”

That’s right folks, Romo has only one career playoff win, but he is a 3 time Pro Bowler, except his last Pro Bowl year was 3 years ago, which is the last time the Cowboys went to the playoff.

Now this could be good or bad. This is showing Romo that Jerry Jones has complete confidence in his Quarterback to be the leader of this team, and that he is as good as the other Quarterbacks in the league making the same type of money.

The bad part is that the pressure of the Jerry Jones confidence, the fact that he is making the type of money as the Top 5 Quarterbacks in the league are making, who mind you all have won Super Bowls could make Romo crumble under the pressure.

Now part of reason of the contract which is becoming more and more common is that the big money players NFL_SUPER_BOWL_FOOTBALL_17830874are getting contracts renegotiated due to the salary cap. The teams, are freeing up more money now, to try to get more free agents and as time goes on if the player is not playing up to his contract, he is then released. Remember what I said about pressure?

Well only time will tell if either Jerry Jones is a smart General Manager, or he is starting to go senile.


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