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Maverick’s Comic Roundup for April 5th


Maverick’s Comic Roundup for April 5th

by Mike “Mav” Grandizio


Howdy folks,

It’s time for some more updates from the world of comic books.  Let’s jump right in.

DC announced details of their next animated DVD release, Flashpoint.  It’s based on the comic mini series that ended up rebooted the much beloved DC universe into the new 52… I’m avoiding it like the plague

DC is introducing Carrie Kelley into the new 52 in Batman and Robin #19.  Not sure who she is?  She was the female Robin in the legend of the Dark Knight graphic novel (and now animated movie)  It’s unsure of what her role will be in the new 52, but most fan sites are lumping her into the “Robin Pool” of potential candidates to be the next boy (or more likely girl) wonder.

Actually, all the candidates for the next Robin are female.

Very sad to report the passing of two comic greats.  Carmine Infantino. who literally helped build the silver age of comics and served as publisher for DC comics for many years passed away at 87.

Also, longtime Archie comics writer and creator of Sabrina the Teenage Witch, George Gladir  also passed away at 87.

I absolutely cannot wait for the Batman 1966 comic from DC coming this Summer.  It’ll be digital first, then collected in print and will be based on the legendary Television show that spring boarded my love of superheroes.  In a related story, I’m clearing off a shelf in the cowboy cave for all the new merchandise that is coming.

I’m optimistically hopeful about Valiants upcoming revival of Quantum and Woody.  I like the designs I see so far, however without the original creators I’m a little worried.  The book had a very specific voice that I hope the new creative team is able to capture.

Next week I’m going to start the countdown to Free Comic Book Day by highlighting one of the cool books you can pick up absolutely free!

Tune in next time, Same Mav Time, Same Mav Channel…

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