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TV Nation’s Nick Wilkinson talks with PWF Promoter John Bullard


An Honest Conversation w/ TV Nation’s Nick Wilkinson.

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pwflogoTonight we’re talking with Pro Wrestling Freedom Owner/Promoter John L Bullard about the direction of PWF & getting past that “buddy system & politics” that has held regional wrestling down.         

Nick: I’m glad to have good friend and wrestling promoter John L Bullard with me today.
John, welcome and thank you for taking the time to sit down with me and just have an honest conversation. PWF seemed to come, from a fans point of view, out of nowhere. What drove you at this point in your life to take a risk with a project like PWF and how did it come about?

John: PWF came about in my life when I just got so burnt out by the politics and drama this region has had for so long. During the time I took off I made a lot of connections & sat back and watched. I knew Kentucky needed a strong kick in the ass to wake it up and reconnect with the fans.

For years the buddy system and politics held down so many good talent from being showcased here so when I started PWF I went for an alternative image and style in order to showcase new talent & draw in new fans. People where stuck in the 80’s but damn it its 2013. Fans grow tired seeing the same old matches.

Nick: I can see how frustrated with the local product you were. Kentucky has been a pretty old school area for professional wrestling in the past. I know that while you were in the early stages of PWF there were a lot of people telling you that old school is what works & to stick with what they were doing. After the success of the first show and the continued success of each following did you feel a sort of “told you so”, for bringing a more modern style & remaining successful?

John: I feel a sense of pride after my first three shows  and since then the haters have began booking our athletes and style on their shows but it doesn’t work for them! Why? Because fans know who had it first, fans know we have a rock n roll type show that will kick ass & entertain, that’s why we have such a loyal fan base.

Nick: How would you describe a PWF show to someone who hasn’t seen the product yet?

John: Our shows are a mix, you have all styles of wrestling represented, a PG13 type of show that tries to remain relevant & mixes humor into things as well. Pro Wrestling Freedom has quickly become very beloved by our fans.

Nick: I’ve seen the Facebook chatter about PWF & I’ve seen the fans attending your shows increases with every show but lets talk a little about your first couple of shows. You had Vader & Pondo on the first show, how was that experiences and now a little further into shows would you repeat those bookings if you had the chance?

John: First couple of shows went very well, ore debut show was Vader vs Pondo. Vader was a pure prick, cry baby who got treated well but tried holding the show up anyway (he failed). He treated fans poorly and they hated him for his actions and for his horrible match! What saved the show was the under card and for that I am always thankful for my guys they truly put PWF first and did amazing things that night. Would I book Vader again… No way in hell.

Nick: Now, I heard that PWF is going to be offering legit pro-wrestling training and Ryan Dookie is going to be one of the trainers?

John: Yeah, we have a training school ran by Ryan Dookie, Jordan Kage, and Mike Read who all do a great job. We teach our students respect, honor and hard work. The current group of students are learning very well.

Nick: Pretty quickly you had Zero One interest and that could be a pretty big step as far as talent goes, both for PWF & potentially bringing unseen talent to PWF…

John: I have become very good friends with Zero 1 President Yoshiyuki Nakamura. There are some major announcements to be made soon about all of this!

Nick: Whats next on the plate for PWF, when is the next event and any surprises (spoilers!LOL)?

John: Ha, well no spoilers right now but I can tell you that we’ve begun working with Beyond Wrestling and a few other top “Indy” companies in or to bring in exciting new talent.

Nick: John I want to thank you for your time & leave you with the last words to the fans out there and everyone reading this on Totally Driven Entertainment…

John: Thanks Nick for the awesome interview. To the new fans out there check out the website & Facebook page. We also have videos & matches on YouTube.

  www.facebook.com/ProWrestlingFreedom & www.prowrestlingfreedom.com

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