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Chewin the Fat on Totally Driven Entertainment’s 1 Year Anniversary

Chewin the Fat Logo

Chewin the Fat

by Bay Ragni

Totally Driven Entertainment’s 1 Year Anniversary

td1Happy Birthday to Us !!!

We are officially one year old, that’s right today is the official 1 year Anniversary of the debut of our website TotallyDriven.TV.

An idea that was in my head for years came to reality when a falling out between me, and Cameron Hall on direction of his project Completely Damaged who I was working with brought this all to life.

I wanted to build a website to bring everyone all realms of entertainment, whether it was sports, music, TV, movies, comedy, wrestling, comic books, etc.

Everyone escapes reality through some form of entertainment, including myself and I want to be able to cover it all with my team of  the “Totally Driven” staff to bring the world of entertainment to the world.

I got to cover a few press conferences last year, like Jay Z’s Made in America concert announcement, Harrah’s casino renaming with food eating legend Kobayashi breaking a world record, which our footage was used on ESPN.

We have had movie, music, and food reviews.

We have had interviews.

Our next step was a weekly radio show, which we went from 1 hour, to now 2 hours and  we have had a World Series champion, a cast member of the Biggest Loser, a star of a hit Disney Music show & band, plus plenty of others who were great talents.

We are now starting to be invited to cover record release parties, red carpet movie premieres, and concerts.

The name “Totally Driven” is a name that I wanted to show, not only what our team and our message is, but that we are a positive team, Driven for success of not just ourselves, but of the talent we cover as well.

So after year one, of our site with over 265,000 website hits for the 1st year, a weekly radio show, that has our listening numbers growing weekly and plans for more growth and expansion in year 2. I just wanted to take a moment to thank not only all of our fans, and supporters but our staff.

My wife Jess, and my children for putting up with attending events that  they really aren’t interested in, but deal with it for me and my dream.

Frank Naimoli my co-host.

Mike “Mav” Grandizio, Chris Pierce, Nick Wilkinson, Dave Mest  and John Garceau , the true staff and team behind Totally Driven Radio and Totally Driven Entertainment.

Everyone who has contributed articles, or anything to the site.

Anthony Jovinelli, Kim Jovinelli, Joe Tully, Jimmy Dylan, Bob Magee, Rob Dimension, Steve Corino

Thanks to Bruce from VOC & Erik from WrestlingMarx for letting us be part of their Team

If I missed any others, I do apologize, and I do thank you.

Now C’mon everybody, what are you waiting for……………… GET DRIVEN !!!




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