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Kurt Angle, Maria Kanellis, and Rob Van Dam talk about their Wrestlemania Memories with VOC Nation


Kurt Angle, Maria Kanellis, and Rob Van Dam

talk about their Wrestlemania Memories

with VOC Nation


Kurt Angle, Maria Kanellis, and Rob Van Dam joined VOC Wrestling Nation Radio Program to discuss Wrestlemania Weekend, their current statuses, and their involvement with this weekend’s Wrestlecon Convention; all three will be there as part of the Legends of the Ring banner. The VOC Wrestling Nation is the flagship show of the VOC Nation Radio Network, and can be heard every Wednesday from 5PM-7PM ET. The VOC Nation Radio Network can now be heard exclusively at http://vocnation.com. Here are some of the highlights from each:

Kurt Angle:
On meeting fans: I think its great. During the attitude era, we were told not to do many. If (we were allowed) it had to mean a lot. It’s going to bring back a lot of great memories.

On Wrestlemania: The northeast is one of the best places to work at as a wrestler. Wrestlemania coming to the northeast is a great thing, and those guys are going to have a great time. It’s going to be one of the greatest shows of all time. As a former WWE wrestler, I miss that type of crowd and knowing that the whole world is watching. That’s the dream of a lifetime.

On his favorite Wrestlemania match: My match with Shawn Michaels was my favorite.
On TNA being on the road: We’re getting a taste now of working in front of crowds of 8k to 10k. TNA as a company had to take the next step. Jonesboro (Arkansas) was an amazing crowd, and I can’t wait to get to Boston for Slammiversary.

On Aces and Eights: I think they did a tremendous job with Bully Ray, and I give a lot of credit to Bully Ray himself. I haven’t seen anyone step up that fast from being a hall of fame tag team wrestler to being a top singles wrestler.

On his role in TNA: Right now, I have to do the best I can where they want to utilize me. It’s not really about whether I’m happy or not, it’s about what’s best for the company and working the angle the best way that I can.

Maria Kanellis:
On what’s going on in her life: I have a lot of exciting things coming up. There is a lot that I can’t say right now, but I’m so excited for this weekend. It was great to be at Wrestlemania as a fan last year, and it will be a fun weekend again.

On her relationship with Mike Bennett: We are engaged. We got engaged in November and we already started planning the wedding for next year. We knew from the very beginning that we were perfect for each other.

On the rumored past versus present Divas match and Wrestlemania, and why it fell apart: I was one of the girls that they called. We were fine on all the details. I’ve owned my name since I was a little girl, so that wasn’t a problem for me. WWE was totally cool with everything, but the storyline just fell through; I was excited about it.

On Ring of Honor: Mike and I are great and we love everything we do there, but eventually we’re going to part ways. I want to go back to WWE, and maybe Mike will come with me.

On Wrestlemania: I miss the big crowd, but when I was there we didn’t have a whole lot of time in front of the crowd, or a big build up to a match. Just to be there and have 2 minutes is not really as appealing as it may sound. Doing 2 minutes is not necessarily going to make me better. I miss it but I don’t.

Rob Van Dam
On his TNA contract status: The reason that I’ve been really quiet as far as my contract goes, the people that really don’t know, really don’t know. The only person that knows is me.

On his future wrestling plans: I do have plans to return very soon and wrestle on TV, and it won’t be with any (small independent) promotions. I will be wrestling with either TNA or WWE very soon.

On how to keep up with him: I always try to keep http://robvandam.com as the hub for everything I do. My twitter is on there, facebook, everything.

On Wrestlecon: This is the biggest thing that I’ve ever seen. Hulk Hogan, the Warrior, everyone is on this card. I’m super stoked to be part of it.

To listen to the broadcast in its entirety, visit: http://vocnation.com

The VOC Nation Radio Network features live programming every day in every genre. From professional wrestling talk to adult oriented chatter with some of the most famous adult film stars in the world, the VOC Nation Radio Network has a little bit of something for every member of the family. Follow the VOC Nation on Twitter @vocnation. For autograph or booking information, please visit our partner http://wrestlingmarx.com.



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