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Carl’s Cards : Flyer Todd Fedoruk at Charity Event at The Skatium​


Flyer Todd Fedoruk at Charity Event at The Skatium​

Contact: Lauren Henderson
Philadelphia-Flyers-Todd-Fedoruk-1-NLMYTXBYN7-1280x960Carlʼs Cards & Collectibles, Inc. will host an autograph signing with Former Philadelphia
Flyer Todd Fedoruk on Friday April 12, 2013 from 7-8:30 p.m. Autograph tickets are $10
each for any item. The signing will not take place at Carlʼs Cards, but for a very good
This autograph signing will take place at The Skatium, 1002 Darby Road Havertown,
PA 19083. It is apart of Brendan and Ryanʼs 2nd Annual Skate Off for EE to Benefit
CHOP. Eosinophilic Esophagitis, or EE, is a severe food allergy to almost all foods,
resulting in prevention of eating these foods. In Brendan and Ryanʼs case, they have
only a handful of “safe” foods that do not cause a reaction. Brendan was diagnosed with
this disease in 2003 and Ryan in 2012. This event hopes to raise money to allow
CHOP the opportunity to continue research and find a cure for this disease. It is an
unfamiliar disease to most, including doctors. But with the proper funding, a cure is
something many people hope for including, Brendan and Ryanʼs parents Jenn and Tom
There is a $10 admittance fee for this event. It includes skate rentals, an opportunity to
bid on silent auction items, purchase raffle tickets and more!
Autograph signing tickets will be available day of the event. You must first pay the
admittance fee to the charity event, in order to attend the Fedoruk autograph signing.
Customers are welcome to bring their own item(s) to have signed. We will also have
8×10ʼs, pucks, mini helmets and mini sticks for sale.
“We were involved with this event last year,” Director of Marketing, Lauren Henderson
said. “We brought Ian Laperriere in for a signing, so we were very excited to have Todd
Fedoruk agree to do it this year. Itʼs one of those events that we love to be involved
with. The Dixonʼs are extremely good friends of our family and we would do anything to
help them.”
Feel free to contact me with any questions.



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