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BELL TO BELL – 5/17 WWE SmackDown Report


Bell to Bell 

by Jimmy Dylan

WWE Smackdown Report

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This will be an abbreviated version of the SmackDown report as we prepare for Extreme Rules tonight on pay-per-view. I felt the show as a whole did a good job piggy-backing off a raucous go-home edition of Raw this past Monday. The stage is set for the annual night of Extreme, and I for one am looking forward to several of the matches on tap.
Miz TV with Randy Orton and Big Show got out of control in a hurry as four other Extreme Rules participants crashed the show with words for their respective pay-per-view opponents. Miz gets the credit for stirring the pot and the end result was a 6-Man Tag main event signed by SmackDown Senior Adviser Teddy Long. On one side was Orton, Sheamus, and Alberto Del Rio with Jack Swagger, Big Show, and Mark Henry on the other.
Rollins & Reigns of The Shield defeated Jimmy & Jey Uso in a good tag team match. The Shield continued to build momentum as they set their sights on WWE gold for the first time ever. I liked the chemistry between these teams in the 6 Man tag we saw on Raw a couple weeks ago that saw Dean Ambroe pin Kofi Kingston and earn a U.S. title shot. That chemistry was put on display again this week on SmackDown as the Usos continued to show why they deserve a push. The Shield was good as always and that Spear by Roman Reigns is something special. If he hits that on Daniel Bryan at Extreme Rules, it could be over for Team Hell No. Good stuff by Kofi on the save and chasing the Shield away with the chair.
Tons of Funk defeated The Primetime Players in a return match from Raw…getting revenge for Darren Young’s cheap shot with the hair pick.
I enjoyed the match between Chris Jericho and Antonio Cesaro. The belief within WWE during Cesaro’s U.S. title reign was that he could work with anybody and have a good match, and the same holds true for Y2J. I have always said that about the first Undisputed Champion, and he proved again this week. Great counter out of the gut-wrench into the Walls of Jericho for the submission victory. Perhaps if Fandango was spending his time more wisely scouting his opponent rather than playing around with Summer Rae on the WWE App, his sneak attack would have gone off without a hitch. However, he still managed to leave Jericho with the taste of blood in his mouth.
The Miz defeated Damien Sandow via submission using the Figure Four, continuing the roll he’s been on since returning to TV.
I’m not a big fan of seeing the same ending to two different matches on one show, but I understand the Spear is Kaitlyn’s move. We still already saw a better one in the Shield’s match. The secret admirer strikes again with a bouquet of flowers and some kind of gloves.
The 6-Man tag main event was what you would expect to drive each individual situation home with less than 48 hours to go until Extreme Rules. A wild back and forth encounter that saw both sides get their shots in. Amid the confusion in the end after the match broke down, Randy Orton slithered in from behind and dropped Swagger with an RKO…winning the contest for his team.
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