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On Point Wrestling Returns to Jersey This Saturday!!!


On Point Wrestling Returns to Jersey This Saturday!!!

by Jimmy Dylan


This Saturday night, May 25, a promising new promotion in the Greater Philadelphia-South Jersey area known as On Point Wrestling will hold their second event entitled “Nothing Else Matters”. I had the privilege to be a part of their debut event, “Now or Never”, back in the month of January. I officiated several of the matches that can be seen on the official DVD put out by SmartMarkVideo.com. Head over there now and purchase a copy if you have not already, love good wrestling and support Indy promotions on the rise.


One thing that was promised by the promoters going into the inaugural event earlier this year was that there would be zero politics and negativity from within the promotion itself, and I have to tell you, that was a definite breath of fresh air. It doesn’t exist everywhere, but I assure you it does exist, and any opportunity or possibility to escape from the nonsense in this business is a welcomed one. I want to take this opportunity to tip my hat to the powers-that-be at OPW for keeping to their word and executing a very successful event in Deptford, NJ. on January 5. The locker room was well-managed and ran smoothly, and the show itself pretty much started on time and went off without a hitch.


You can see an exclusive highlight package of OPW “Now or Never” at the following direct link:



Fans were asked prior to the event to “prepare to emotionally invest in the On Point experience” and that saying has become the company slogan. Rightfully so. You have no choice but to emotionally invest with the likes of Pinkie Sanchez, the H.E.W. with Loudy, and the guys of Side Show Pro running around. And that’s just naming a few of the extraordinary talents assembled by the On Point officials. Those talents were hand selected from top to bottom because of who they are and what they bring to the table…with the popular belief being that everything would be done within one’s power to make the event as successful as possible. Seeing how fans followed the promotion a couple towns over from the original building scheduled to house the first show, I’d say the signs were good. Over 200 raucous fans sold out The Proving Grounds in Deptford, NJ. for “Now or Never”…setting the tone for what the future would hold. Now the upstart fed is poised for a grand return this Memorial Day weekend with a line-up that promises to push the envelope even farther and raise the On Point bar several meters higher. If “Now or Never” didn’t alert the wrestling world five months ago, “Nothing Else Matters” is sure to put several people on notice in and around the area…and perhaps even beyond.


Some of the stars you will see this Saturday night are returning talents while some will be appearing for OPW for the first time ever. One thing fans attending can rest assured…is that they will be taken on a wild ride of ups and downs throughout an evening that they are unlikely soon to forget. As I previously said, OPW is set to make history as “Nothing Else Matters” will see the company go hardcore, and maybe even ultraviolent, for the first time ever. During one of the main events at “Now or Never” that saw CZW star “Bulldozer” Matt Tremont take on former TNA/ROH/UWF star Homicide, a conflict occurred with the visiting “Lowlife” Louie Ramos that has resulted in a “House of Horrors” match being signed between Tremont and Ramos for this Saturday night! I’m not quite sure what this match is, but it sounds dangerous to say the least, and I would suggest all hell will break loose in Deptford on May 25 when “Hardcore Eras Collide”!!! Fans have been encouraged to bring their own weapons to the arena to assist in what will become the “House of Horrors”, but are urged to use common sense when deciding what to present to these warriors. NO GLASS of any sort or anything like that will be permitted inside the building. Security will check and inspect all items before entry to the event is granted.


Check out the official promo spot for “Nothing Else Matters” here


The following is the final event info for OPW “Nothing Else Matters” this Saturday night in Deptford, NJ. at The Proving Grounds. Card subject to change.


Date: Saturday, May 25, 2013

Time: Doors Open @6pm – Bell Time @7pm

Place: 1030 Delsea Drive, Building 4W ,Deptford,NJ 08096 (The Proving Grounds)


**ALL TICKETS ARE $15 and will be sold AT THE DOOR on the day of the event on a 1st come, 1st serve basis.**


Food & Drinks will be sold
Wrestling Memorabilia will be sold by The Control Center


Announced Card:
“Hardcore Era’s Collide”
Squared Circle – House of Horror’s Match
Low Life Louie Ramos vs. “Bulldozer” Matt Tremont

Tag Team Extravaganza
Drew Blood & Xavier Cross (H.E.W.) w/ Loudy vs. Pinkie Sanchez & Delirious

Fantastic 4 Way
Latin Dragon w/ CeeRiv vs. Amasis vs. Mascara Celestial vs. OZ

Leon St. Giovanni w/ Jon Harder vs. “Notorious” Devon Moore

Shane Strickland vs. Mike Draztik

“Wild Sicilian” Robbie Mireno vs. Rory Mondo

“The Machine” Sam Shields vs. Anthony Cortez Haynes

Good News Hughes vs. Monsta Mack

Side Show Pro – Tag Team Showcase
Joe Gacy & Nathan Avery vs. KC Pin’em & Anthony Graves


As you can see for yourself, OPW has spared no expense in hopes of delivering a quality wrestling production unlike anything you’ve ever seen, or anything that has come to the rich Philadelphia/Tri-State area in quite some time. The “Fantastic 4 Way” is the staple match of the company and delivered above and beyond its expectations at the debut event. The 2nd installment promises to bring the same level of high flying, high impact action as its predecessor while aiming to outdo it. You never know what to expect from the stars of Side Show Pro, as I found out first hand in the middle of the ring back in January. A couple rivalries born in other places have exploded onto the On Point scene…like to conflict between Drew Blood and Pinkie Sanchez. All of this is happening while new feuds are spawning withing the ranks of OPW itself, like the budding situation brewing between former World Champion Devon Moore, and “Mr. OnPoint” Leon St. Giovanni. Quite a few promos have come out ahead of “Nothing Else Matters”, further fueling the fires that are sure to explode on May 25. At the conclusion of this piece you will find all of the social media information needed regarding On Point Wrestling as a whole, as well as any additional info pertaining to the upcoming event this Saturday night. I urge everyone to check out the official Youtube Channel to see promos by Devon Moore, Matt Tremont, Lowlife Louie, the H.E.W. and many more as the stars of OPW prepare for battle. I will once again be on hand to call the action and hope to see your face in the place. If you’re in the Philly/South Jersey/North Delaware area, I assure you the best way to spend your Memorial Day weekend will be by attending OPW “Nothing Else Matters”! THIS SATURDAY NIGHT in Deptford, NJ.!! Are you prepared to emotionally invest in the #OnPoint experience? BE THERE!!!


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