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Maverick’s Comic Roundup : Justice League hits it’s Target!


Maverick’s Comic Roundup

by Mike “Mav” Grandizio

Justice League hits it’s Target!

Recently it was announced that Target and DC Comics would team up for a summer promotion featuring The Justice League!  Recently I decided to check out my local Target and check it out and see what cool stuff would be featured.

Let me say, I was blown away by how much of the store would feature JLA merchandise.  Nearly every section had at least a small sampling of product.  Obvious areas like toys, movies, books and children’s clothes all head end caps and shelves featuring Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, Flash and Wonder Woman prominently.

I was happy to see two things that will connect to the both comic fans and casual superhero fans, many of the designs are based on the classic and iconic looks of the characters, and Wonder Woman is front and center for the girls.  This is refreshing because historically Wonder Woman and other female characters are left out of promotions like this because short sighted executives feel “boys won’t want girl superheroes”.   So I’m thrilled to see her front and center, as are my girls.

2013-05-22 13.39.30

Housewares had fun tableware featuring plates, bowls, trays, and more for adults and kids with both JLA and generic comic book icons.

Summer fun with beach towel capes for the kids and regular beach towels, they also had gardening and beach toys.

2013-05-22 13.42.27

The store always seemed to have DC T-Shirts and apparel, but they definitely seemed to expand their shelves for the promotion.  They even had League inspired women’s undergarments… however I thought it would be a bad idea to be taking random pictures in the women’s lingerie aisle, so you’ll have to check them out for yourselves.

Target is also carrying an awesome selection of craft sets and projects.  Scene setters, cup and pom pom heroes, color your own capes and more!  I grabbed a set or two, so look out for a review of those later.

2013-05-22 13.41.22

Of course there were toys, and Target is carrying exclusive Justice League action figures, mini figures and other toys.  They all feature the new 52 designs of the characters, so that was a bit of a downer for me, since I find many of the costume changes to be cluttered and unnecessary.

2013-05-22 13.47.11

And of course the heroes are featured on several products in Targets popular $1 section.
So if you’re a fan of DC’s premiere superteam make sure to hit Target this summer and stock up on all the super fun, superhero stuff!

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Tune in next time, Same Mav Time, Same Mav Channel…

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