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Chewin the Fat : Fast & the Furious 6 Movie Review

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 Chewin the Fat 

By Bay Ragni

Fast and the Furious 6


So it is here, the 2013 Summer Blockbuster Movie kickoff is here. We get treated with two huge movie franchise sequels, which I got to see both this weekend back to back. The Hangover Part 3, and The Fast and the Furious Part 6. That’s right Part 6.

Never would I have thought after the first one, would there be 6 of these. Especially after Vin Diesel didn’t even do Parts 2 & 3, but once he returned for Parts 4, 5 & 5 these movies have become a juggernaut of nonstop car racing, car chases, car jumps, fights, action, and even laughs.

After Fast 5, I thought how could they top this, with the addition of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to the fold, it was like they added a WWE Storyline to the mix with swerves in the story with bad guys, and good guys turning on each other,  teaming up, fighting and more.

Well Fast and the Furious 6 took it up another notch from 5, which combines The Dukes of Hazzard, and the WWE with Nitrous Oxide and Steroids, and what you have is almost 250 minutes of nonstop action that gets your heart racing, blood pumping, and adreline going.

These Fast & Furious movies are becoming like a fine wine, and keep getting better with age, and honestly don’t know which you want to do first when leaving the theater, go hit the gym, or go buy a fast car.

Like I said, I saw this right after I saw the Hangover Part 3, and this movie was so intense I forgot I had seen Hangover 3.

Only complaint about this movie is some of the fight scene action was straight out of 70’s Karate movies and just too over the top, and not believable, otherwise put the pedal to the metal and get to the theater!!

4.5 Chews out of 5


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