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Chewin the Fat : The Hangover Part 3 Movie Review


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Chewin the Fat 

by Bay Ragni

The Hangover Part 3



Well it is the Official Summer Blockbuster Movie weekend kickoff with the Hangover Part 3, and the “final” part of the trilogy hitting the big screen.


The Wolf pack team up for another crazed mission that shows these 4 friends pulls out all the stops and tries to top the original movie which has become a cinematic classic.


Part 3 is defiantly a much better, funnier movie than Part 2, which gives you nonstop laughs, jokes, chuckles, action with a look back into time of the previous Hangover movies.


Phil, Allen & Stu again are the focal point as they try to help Poor Doug again. In this movie they must’ve felt bad for Doug, because they actually gave him the most lines out of the 3 movies.


What is a Hangover movie without Mr. Chow, and enter John Goodman into the mix as well, and the action is nonstop.


Is this movie as good as the first one, probably not. Since the Original was a complete surprise that came out of left field and became the talk of the movie world, But this one is pretty damn close.


If you’re looking for a movie of fun, and laughs, and to escape reality for an hour and 40 minutes, it’s worth the investment.


Just don’t go into the movie expecting it to be better than the first one, go into the movie looking to enjoy it and you will.


3.5 Chews out of 5




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