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AS I SEE IT : 6/3/13


Bob Magee 
Pro Wrestling: Between the Sheets 




A few weeks back, I did a review on “Animal” , the biography of George “The Animal” Steele. Steele will appear this Tuesday evening on Alan Wojcik’s Kayfabe Wrestling Radio to talk about the book, available in hardcover and for Kindle and Nook (via Barnes and Noble’s website)

Steele has upcoming signing dates in upstate New York, Florida, North Jersey, and Michigan thus far, including:

  • June 8 – Barnes and Noble – 2418 E. Colonial Drive, Orlando, FL.
  • June 15 – 1:00 PM at Barnes and Noble – East Merritt Island Causeway, Merritt Island, FL
  • June 19 – 7:00 PM at Bookends – East Ridgewood Avenue, Ridgewood, NJ
  • June 20 – 7:00 PM at Barnes and Noble – US Highway 9, Freehold, NJ
  • June 21 – 7:00 PM at Barnes and Noble – Route 22 West, Springfield, NJ
  • July 15 – 7:00 PM at Barnes and Noble – Washtenaw Avenue, Ann Arbor, MI
  • July 18 – 7:00 PM at Barnes and Noble – South Main Street, Royal Oak, MI
  • July 19 – 7:00 PM at Barnes and Noble – Woodland Mall, Grand Rapids, MI
  • July 20 – 2:00 PM at Barnes and Noble – John R Road, Troy, NY
  • July 25 – 7:00 PM at Barnes and Noble – Colonie Centre, Albany, NY
  • July 26 – 7:00 PM at Barnes and Noble – Erie Blvd East, DeWitt, NY

    Wanted to throw in a plug for a yearaly event out in Indiana, as Hoosier Pro Wrestling returns to Columbus, IN on June 22 at JD Byrider for their 12th annual “Fill The Shelves Canned Food Drive”
    to support local food banks. Admission is six cans of food per person, weith fans asked to bring their own lawn chairs to the outdoor event.

    On a very different note, CZW ‘s annual ‘Tournament of Death’ returns to The Ultraviolent Underground, 179 Ebenezer Church RD, Townsend, DE with a 2 pm bell time.

    The previously scheduled Matt Tremont will not be in action, due to medical issues related to his pancreas.

    The new schedule of first round matches is as follows:

  • (NEW) Ultraviolent Dog Collar Match:
    MASADA vs. Ron Mathis
  • (NEW) Mummified Barbed Wire Match:
    Danny) Havoc vs. Rory Mondo
  • Ultraviolent Ladders Match:
    Lucky tHURteen vs. the returning Scotty Vortekz
  • International Pains…er, Panes of Glass:
    CZW owner DJ Hyde vs. Takumi Tsukamoto

    Semi-final match

    Final match

    In non-tournament action

  • Scaffold Match
    Drake Younger vs. Devon Moore
  • After months of speculation, this will be Sami Callihan’s last CZW event. Who will he face?

    Drew Gulak, OI4K’s Jake and Dave Crist, and Tommy Dreamer will also be on-hand at ‘Tournament of Death’ at June 8.

    For information on the New York area bus trip information, with pick ups in Queens, Manhattan, and Rahway, NJ, visit A HREF=”http://www.WrestlingBusTrips.com/20130608.shtml#.UX_WWsr4So”>this link

    Support ‘Tournament of Death’ on Facebook at this link .

    Tickets for all CZW events available at the CZW Pro Shop (CZWrestling.com/czwstore/) and at the venue.

    For those who persist yearly when I promoted TOD, and send me hate mail with made-up names and different webmail e-mail addresses about shilling CZW’s shows and what a supposedly horrible person that makes me, save it. They don’t bother me and just get deleted.

    Until next time….



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