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A Honest Conversation w/ Eric “The Smoke” Moran


An Honest Conversation TV Nation’s Nick Wilkinson.

Nick: Hey, I’m here with Eric Moran, Cosplay Master & Actor.
Tonight we’re going into the world of Cosplay and conventions.

Eric: Don’t forget also pro-wrestler. LOL!


Nick: Of course we can’t forget wrestler! I owe a lot to The Smoke!
OK, so Eric, what is Cosplay?

Eric: Cosplay or costuming is when a person who is a fan of pop-culture ( comic books, sci-fi, horror, fantasy), dresses up like there favorite character.


Nick: It’s definitely interesting and sounds like a lot of fun. So how did a guy like you, a former Marine, get into something like this?

Eric: I was a fan of cosplay before it was called cosplay! Growing up, I was a big fan of superheroes, sci-fi, horror, anime and fantasy.

On Halloween, I would cut loose pulling out costumes but then I found that even after Halloween , I would still enjoy getting into superhero costumes! 

Back in the early 90’s a comic book store I worked at in Philadelphia called Atomic City Comics, was doing an event with Marvel comics. I was asked to be in costume to help promote their new comic book and got media exposure for it. From there, when I would appear for comic-cons like Wizard World during my pro-wrestling career as The Smoke, I saw that I wasn’t the only one who loved wearing costumes, so I got heavily and passionately into cosplay/costuming.



Nick: Now, in the early days of your Cosplay how was the quality of your costumes compared to today and just where exactly do Cosplayers get their costumes anyway?

Eric: As for me, some of my costumes were,”store-bought” costumes. Also it was hard to find other people who knew how to make a “good” costume. Today with the internet there is now a wide range of people and sites that make costumes, props, and make-up. I’ve become very creative and use advice from other prop-makers when learning how to make my own props.


Nick: So you guys dress in these costumes and attend festivals and conventions together right? What’s that whole scene like?

Eric: The comic-con season  is an awesome scene. Cosplay groups set up photo shoots during the cons, to reenact key moments from comics, or movies, which are epic.


Nick: Cosplayers are usually not paid to perform am I right? However, they have become a important and favorite part of many conventions…

Eric: Myself, as well as other cosplayers often attend charity events, go to schools to talk to kids, visit sick children at hospitals, it’s just not always about the cons, we do a ton of charity.


Nick: I had no idea it went beyond the conventions, wow.
Now, aside from Cosplay & Pro Wrestling you’re also an actor. In fact I think you know I own one of your movies on DVD! What do you have coming up or in the works?

Eric: Yes I have a group called Together Brothers Productions, a group of cosplayers with amazing talents that bring there “A Game” to fan films. (Unofficial Movies). So far we have six films shot & more coming. We will be debuting our three new films, The JOE Files, FlashFall, and Legacy at Wizard World Philadelphia, May 28th-June 2nd!



Nick: Well, Eric Moran I thank you for sitting down and sharing with us today, as always you have the last word to tell the fans where they can see more of your projects & Cosplay….


Eric: Thank you for having me on your show Nick, and thanks to all the fans for all the support. For my upcoming films check out our Together Brothers Production page at :



Eric : They can also go to my wrestling fan page:



Thanks so much and God bless.


Eric The Smoke Moran



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