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Chewin the Fat : LFL – Passion vs. Breeze

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Chewin the Fat

by Bay Ragni 

LFL Philly Passion vs. Jacksonville Breeze

2013 Home Opener

June 15, 2013

PPL Park

Passion 21        Breeze  19


DSC06308The Philadelphia Passion kicked off its 2013 home opener in their new building, PPL Park in Chester, Pa against the Jacksonville Breeze. This was my first LFL game I have attended and wasn’t too sure what to expect.

I didn’t know if I was going to see a bunch of drunken, rowdy, horny guys drooling over the players, or would I see a bunch of girls who should be swinging on a pole, rather than on the field in the battle of the gridiron. There were quite a few questions that would be answered on this night.

What I noticed off the bat was you can tell this is a lower budget production, than naturally the NFL, but also the AFL (Arena Football League) too. It reminded me almost of an independent pro wrestling show which I was involved with for years.  With the biggest comparison of that being that the game started 20 minutes late. I have never seen a professional sports game start late, unless of an emergency. This reminded me of a wrestling show starting late waiting & hoping for more fans to show up.

The crowd itself was made up of some guys there naturally for the girl factor, but there was also fans of the team and the game in the crowd, as well a lot of friends and families of the players.

The game itself was actually quite enjoyable. It was a very fast paced, hard hitting, fun game. These girls mean business. They are out there putting their hearts on their sleeve, and playing some good old school smash mouth football.

It was a very close competitive game, with quite a few times fisticuffs would start to fly after a big tackle.DSC06358

The whole experience reminded me of the early days of the Women’s Baseball League in the movie “A League of their Own”. This is a very young organization with a ton of potential to really make something enjoyable for not just the guys, but the girls, and families as well.

The LFL was known for its first few years as the Lingerie Football League, but have now changed the name to Legends Football League to be taken more serious. Which was probably a good move to appeal to a bigger fan base, and we plan to go back to the next game with our daughters as well.

One other thing they really need to go over is their ticket prices. This is way too expensive. Their prices on par with the Philadelphia Eagles, and if they lowered their prices I think would draw much bigger crowds. The only reason I finally pulled the trigger and went besides the fact that PPL Park is 15 minutes from my house was that they did a Groupon deal for $18 for the game. Now I wish I bought tickets to both games through that deal.

The girls also do a meet and greet afterwards, but it is near impossible to get near the girls, basically the whole stadium is hovered around, and waiting in line. This is also a great idea, but again something that needs work and organization.

So overall, it was a good, fun experience and will definitely do it again, and take the whole family next time. They have some kinks to work out as a whole on a League level, but there is a lot of potential here to make this a great and prosperous product.


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