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As I See It – 7/1/13 : Marriage Equality


Bob Magee 
Pro Wrestling: Between the Sheets 

First, condolences go out to the family of Matt Borne, who passed away this past Friday. I read the news, as happened so often now, online. This time on my smart phone, as I sat in San Francisco on a bright summer’s day. It seemed so sad, as Borne had been running shows in New Jersey as recently as last year, to limited success apparently. Borne was found dead by his girlfriend, who he had been living with.

The implications were (from reports) that Borne had been falling into the same trap that wrestlers so often do in dealing with their issues..and that the death may well have resulted from that dependency (directly or not).

Well, at the same time, the circle of life went another way for others this past week. As I said, I had gone on vacation this past week…and proceeded to watch history being made.

As most readers know, the Supeme Court decided on two cases involving marriage equality this past week, striking down the “Defense of Marriage Act”, signed in 1996 to specifically single out gays and lesbians by refusing to recognize the marriages of these people, even if married in states that had declared the practice legal. It also punted to California’s Proposition 8, allowing the decision of a lower court to stand, thus allowing these marriages to resume; as it turned out…. nearly immediately.

As you can guess, in San Francisco, the decision was met with almost universal applause. San Francisco’s famous gay neighborhood erupted in celebration, as did most of the Bay Area, and in many places across the United States.

Whatever your feelings may be on yesterday’s Supreme Court decision (I strongly support it…this should touch you. On a street corner in San Francisco, a man celebrated by waving an American flag over and over to the honks of passing cars. I’ll admit it choked me up, because it’s why I support marriage equality.

When I was 5 or 6, I was taught in civics class that all Americans were equal. 50 years later, I still believe it. In the America I was taught about, some were not more equal than others. I think that with the Court decision, we became just a little bit more truly American in that sense. That’s why seeing this man wave this flag moved me.



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