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Chewin the Fat : Tony Harnell & Wild Flowers Concert Review

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Chewin the Fat

by Bay Ragni

Tony Harnell & the Wild Flowers featuring Bumblefoot Concert review

DSC03353When you think of a free concert, you think of a local band as part of some festival, not two world renowned musical artist such as Tony Harnell & Bumblefoot. This past Sunday night in King of Prussia in the suburbs of Philly, in a courtroom, a group of people were treated to a FREE concert by Tony Harnell & the Wildflowers featuring Bumblefoot.

Tony Harnell known for being the legendary lead vocalist for the band TnT that rose to fame in the states in the eighties, and continued their musical career in their native of Norway and also Japan for the better part of the next 15 years, until he left in 2006 to pursue a solo career. This has led him to join forces with current Guns n Roses guitarist Bumblefoot to form the Wildflowers.

The Wildflowers were in King of Prussia to perform an outdoor concert, but due to the recent nonstop rain in the area, it was moved indoors to a courtroom inside the municipal building.

A small room, a small stage, a big voice, and an overall passion of music on display for a 90 minute set DSC03360where we saw Tony & Bumblefoot joke back n forth, tell stories, and perform songs spanning Tony’s career of TnT, WestWorld, Wild Flowers, as well as some cover songs from Guns n Roses, Queen, Led Zeppelin, Alanis Morrissette, Paul McCartney, Bee Gees, and more.

Tony voice sounded amazing and I could have listened to them for hours hearing him sing classics, as well as his own music.

A huge surprise as well was Bumblefoot’s voice, which at times, would break into a TNT classic, or GnR song, and would hit those high notes without skipping a beat.

For an acoustic performance, the Wild Flowers which was rounded outby Tony’s wife Amy & Cassandra Sotos sounded tight, full, passionate, and emotional with every note, and this was a show that even if I had to pay a high ticket price, I would have still walked out with a smile on my face knowing that I just spent a great musical evening with incredible talent.




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