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Chewin the Fat : Quiet Riot has Soul in Philly !!!

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 Chewin the Fat

by Bay Ragni

Quiet Riot has Soul in Philly 

Quiet Riot is Still Banging their Head and Feeling the Noize after all these years. The faces might be different but one important key element is in place.

Not only the back beat but the true heartbeat of Quiet Riot, Frankie Banali who keeps the music alive even after the passing of founder and lead singer Kevin DuBrow a few years ago.

Quiet Riot returned to Philadelphia this past Saturday night to rock the Wells Fargo Center, after Philly’s Arena Football team the Soul, formerly owned by Jon Bon Jovi played their home game.

After the game, the bands equipment and amps were rolled out onto mid field, and after performances by Shredder Guitarist Xander Demos & the band Giffords Lane, Quiet Riot took the field running through a 45 minute set of their hits and classics, and sounded as good as ever!!!

Drummer Frankie Banali is now joined by longtime Quiet Riot Bass player Chuck Wright who has been a rotating bass player with Rudy Sarzo for over 30 years, and also guitarist Alex Grossi who has also been part of the Quiet Riot family for the last decade, and the band is now rounded out by vocalist Scott Vokoun. Scott is a great front man, who was able to get the Philly crowd on their feet, singing along with him and dancing in aisles. For you diehard QR fans, if you close your eyes, you will think Kevin DuBrow is still fronting this band, his voice sounds just like Kevin, and he does Kevin’s music justice and respect, and is a great fit for the band.

The band played songs like Run for Cover, the Wild and the Young, Slick Black Cadillac, Let’s Get Crazy, and of course their two biggest hits, Metal Health, and Cum on Feel the Noize.

It was a great night of Football and rock n roll in Philly, as the Soul won their game as well !!!! 



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