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TV Nation 3 x 3 : Vampires



BY Nick Wilkinson


TV Nation stand up and salute your returning leader! I am back with an all new installation of nobodies favorite article!

The 3×3 is back and I just want to remind you that the game works better of ANYONE plays it! LOL…


You can leave your own 3×3 in the comments section and we can chat & argue of your picks together!

The theme for this installment is VAMPIRES THAT DONT SPARKLE!

I’m going to share my favorite vampire related movies & tv shows that do NOT involve fruity, glitter bomb “Vampires”….


  1. Vampire Based TV Shows

    A: Angel – picked over Buffy in this case I think Angel is the epitome of vampires on TV. Concrete writing along with wonderful character development makes this story of a vampire with a soul my number 1 pick, ever.

    B: Dracula The Series – This 90’s Saturday morning series featured the prince of darkness in more modern lights….

    C: Blade: The Series – This action drama, based on the comic book character and film series, starred rapper/actor Kirk “Sticky Fingaz” Jones as the half-vampire, half-human vampire hunter and Jill Wagner as Krista Starr, his reluctant human partner with her own agenda. Blade was the first scripted show for the young male-oriented Spike network; show creator David S. Goyer wrote all three Blade films and also co-wrote The Dark Knight. ALL the episodes of this series are on youtube to watch as well…

  2. Vampire Movies


    B: Vampire in Brooklyn – EVIL IS GOOD!

    C: LET THE RIGHT ONE IN… is an amazing film in general, even for a vampire movie.

  3. Vampire Slayers

    A: Buffy Summers –

    B: Faith Lehane –

    C: The Frog Brothers – 


Well guys & dolls that’s the game for this week…. stay frosty or something like that…






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