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AK’s 3 Cents : Pocket Quarterbacks or Scrambling QB’s

AKs 3 Cents

AK’s 3 Cents 

by AK

Pocket Quarterbacks or Scrambling QB’s?, and the life of a running back in the NFL

You know waiting for the 2013 NFL season to start and I think back. I have been watching football all my life, growing up a neglected child, I thank sports for keeping me company. One of my favorite sports I have been watching all throughout my meager existence is the NFL. Former coach and commentator Jerry Glanville once yelled at a referee saying “keep making BS calls like that and you won’t be here, the NFL stands for not for long!”. Thinking about the NFL standing for ‘Not For Long’, I wonder about the different positions in football, and the most important has to be at quarterback.

 In today’s day and age a new breed of quarterback has come into the league, well I don’t know if there that new, but with college football some teams play a strategy called the ‘option’, now to my understanding the option is when the quarterback has the choice to either run with the ball or toss it to the running back.

Some traditionalists of the game would say I don’t want my QB getting smashed by a defensive lineman; I want him protected in the pocket and to take 3-4 steps back and throw. That is a pocket quarterback, and I subscribe to that theory, stays in the pocket observe your offensive choices and throw. Nowadays we got flashy guys like RG3 for the Redskins who’s very impressive and can run it like a running back, also guys like Cam Newton, Russell Wilson, and even that Tebow guy. What happened to him? His jersey was once the most popular jersey in merchandise sales back in a galaxy far away (a couple seasons ago); like they say NFL stands for not for long.

The problem with these QB’s that run? Well there sports cars running around tanks that have targets locked on destroying them, hence the injury problems with RG3 towards the end of the season. How many hits can you take from these monsters, the NFL game has changed in leaps and bounds when it comes to players increasing speed and strength. A 275 pound defensive monster running a 4.6, chasing down anything that moves with the football is scary. I’m about a buck sixty five and I’m very slow I don’t think I could out run these defensive ogres, let alone these QB’s that are in great shape, well they can run out of bounds AK and avoid getting hit, yes well I say to you as many times as you run out of bounds there will be a time were you will get caught, or hit while going out of bounds, which is a penalty but the damage still is done.

 What I’m trying to day is I would rather have a pocket QB on my team rather than the scrambler, even though it’s nice to run away from a sack or make something happen. I remember Steve Young of the San Francisco 49ers was great at that, but his career was cut short due to concussions.

Moving on to running backs, how many running backs does a team need on their roster? The amount of brutal hits and impacts a running back can take during a season, wear and tear on the knees, I think about 3 to 4 seasons is the lifespan of a running back in this era of bigger, stronger, faster defenses.

Your team has to have at least 3 running backs good to go, and if your fullback isn’t busy with blocking he can take some of the pressure off your running back. Once again going back to your QB, if that guy is running with the ball I guess you got an extra running back there also. Running backs are a dime a dozen in the NFL nowadays and your probably saying yea AK, all you need is one good one. Having a star running back never hurts, but once again wear and tear, I would rather have a one two punch with two backs. The success of the running game also relies on your hogs up front. If they can’t clear that block and give your back a glimmer of daylight to push through and your back isn’t the type to bounce off the first tackle forget about it.

You need that push up front to get those yards, many times you could get lucky and the first or second guys miss, but protecting your running back from constant pounding and hits can prolong his career.

Another factor is the stats sometimes don’t transfer over from college ball to pro ball, the star back in college, that you drafted high could be a bust. Looking at this year’s top 5 rushers in total yards, about three of them were unknown to me during my fantasy draft. Alfred Morris of the Redskins with 1,613 total rushing yards, Jamaal Charles of the Chiefs with 1,509, and Doug Martin of the Bucs with 1,454. Drafting running backs could be crapshoots just like drafting QB’s you never know who pops out of nowhere to help your team or scorn your team. Leaving you with that empty feeling on a Sunday afternoon after you devour that game day bucket from KFC with your friends and family or by yourself!

If you got a comment go ahead and hit me up at sevynn@hotmail.com also hit me up on Twitter at AK funhouse or Facebook at da AK show have a great weekend sports fans!



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