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Zelda’s Wisdom : Cory Monteith….who?


Zelda’s Wisdom

by Bryanne Marks

Cory Monteith….who?

There has been A LOT of media attention over some kid, yes I said some kid who most of us don’t even know about dying from a possible overdose. These are types of things the media just loves to talk about over and over and over again. What bothers me the most is the fact that if you ask 10 people I’m going to say that 2 knew who he was and that’s a lot. This kid was only known for ONE show. Glee. Most adults don’t watch glee. Kids and 20 year olds do.  So for someone like him to past is to most another day in Hollywood.

There are more actors and musicians that have died from some kind of overdose that we have loved and honored over the years and still do to this day. Let me name just a few for argues sake.

Heath Ledger

River Phoenix

Janis Joplin

Kurt Cobain (or so we think)

Andy Gibb (little brother of the bee gee’s)

Keith Moon

John Belushi

Marilyn Monroe

Amy Winehouse

Chris Farley

Jim Morrison

Judy Garland

Whitney Houston

I could be here all day but you get the picture. These people you can sit and go oh yes they did this, that, and etc. You know them well and miss them still. They died before their time and will forever be immortalized.

Now please explain to me why this one hit show wonder is falling into the same category? If anything let this be a lesson to teenagers and young adults. As Mr. Mackey says “drugs are bad mmmk?” Talk to you kids/teenagers/young adults who might be pressured or using. If you or they love this show so much then show them what happens to those who don’t seek help. Don’t sit there and immortalize someone who had his 15 minutes of fame.

We all have our demons. We let those demons hide behind drugs, alcohol, food, not eating, etc. Some of us come out of it and some of us fall short.  Either way we who are not celebrities don’t have beautiful resorts for rehab to go to. It’s called a hospital and its called intervention.

If you or someone you know has a problem help seek the help you need. I never abused drugs or alcohol but let me say as someone who has been on the other side of it, its hard everyday to wake up not having my mother because she’s dead from alcohol abuse. She didn’t want help and fell short herself. So instead of mourning over this kid take a lesson from him. Reach out to someone you know who needs you because you might actually be saving their life with just one phone call.



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