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Mav’s Comic Roundup : San Diego Comic Con Recap


Mav’s Comic Round Up

by Mike “Mav” Grandizio

San Diego Comic Con recap!

This past weekend the pop culture world invaded California for the annual San Diego Comic Con, and not surprising there were A LOT surprises, announcements and more.  Here’s a quick list of what caught my eye and reaction.

DC/Warner Bros. Announces Batman Superman film!
This is HUGE.  It was said numerous times that Man of Steel would open the door to a bigger DC movie universe and potentially a Justice League movie.  The movie is scheduled for 2015 and is set in the world that M.o.S. set up.  A new Batman will be cast.  I wasn’t fond of some of the choices that was made in Man of Steel and the “darker” version of Superman, but I’m still excited about this movie.  Plus, it seems we’re avoiding another Batman origin movie hear which is a very good thing.

Avengers 2 gets a subtitle.
Age of Ultron is the title of the next Avengers movie, however it (Thankfully) won’t be an adaption of the recent crossover by Marvel.  It will be an original story, that oddly enough will not feature Ultron creator Hank Pym.  Avengers was my favorite comic book movie possibly of all time, so they could announce they’d be fighting the Harlem Globtrotters and I’d be in line for a ticket.

WWE goes four color
Not the first WWE based comic book, but the first one written by a Hall of Famer.  Papercutz comics announced a new line of WWE based comic books, the first one written by Mick Foley for the company’s upcoming teen line of comics.  An all-ages version is coming as well.

Black Canary  and other DC characters in Arrow Season 2.
We got a great look at Black Canary in season two of the CW hit show Arrow.  Oddly, Katie Cassidy, who plays Canary’s alter ego Laurel Lance will not be playing Canary.  The hero will be portrayed by show newcomer Caity Lotz.  Michael Jai White will also be appearing on the show as Bronze Tiger, and because Arrow just loves to steal Titans villains, Brother Blood will also be appearing next season.  Also, geek face Summer Glau will be joining the show in a recurring role.

Agents of Shield premieres!
LOTS of spoilers and I’m listing NONE of them, but the series has a strong tie to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and there’s a cameo in the pilot from another Shield agent from the Avengers.  And no, it’s not Sam Jackson.  I just can’t wait for this series.

Yoda, I know what we’re going to do today.
Disney announces the latest Star Wars mash up will be a TV special to air next summer as Phineas and Ferb meets Star Wars.  It seems Phineas and Ferb are going to be the portal into Disney’s newest acquisitions as their “Mission Marvel” special featuring Iron Man, Spiderman and more airs this August.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  I’ll be talking in more detail about some of these events and more in the coming weeks, and be on the look out for season two of “The Comic Book Squad” Radio show, our premiere will be a special Comic Con recap.

Tune in next time, Same Mav Time, Same Mav Channel…

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