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Zelda’s Wisdom : 30 days of Reality???



Zelda’s Wisdom

by Bryanna Marks

30 Days of Reality


Thirty Days….of….reality?


I decided to go thirty days without Facebook. (I can’t do without Twitter because that is how I get in contact with my friends due to my blog. So I’m halfway out. haha) Today is my first day (7/25) and so far it’s rough. It’s disgusting! I mean how come since 2005 I have lived through social media to hear about people’s marriages, births, deaths, break-ups, new girlfriend/boyfriends, etc. I don’t see the light yet but I honestly can say I barely text those people on facebook. That is because they are all bunched into one shell. So why would I have to text them?


The real reason I stopped was because someone at my job spilled the beans to high up’s that I had tripped at home. The following day I hurt my back. I mean really? You think I want to be doing the work I am doing right now? That is beyond fucked up to do. You are costing me my future because you want to look good? You hear those stories about people who have photos of them drinking and smoking which cause them jobs. I can see where yes you do deserve to lose your job. I have friends with different names to protect their identity. I didn’t go drink and show my you know what. I said I tripped. A simple trip I thought was simple and funny. I didn’t say I broke my back or hurt my ass. I just tripped like I always do.


I really never thought people could be so cruel. Obviously they are but for something so simple and stupid you really wanna go that low? I have co-workers of the past and present again (from a job I was and now back at because I work two jobs) who I never hear a peep from. Hey maybe it’s because they don’t give a shit as much as I do about what they are doing every 25 minutes. I enjoy facebook for the funny photos and the pictures people post of their kids, friends, themselves because it’s almost as it yes I am hanging out with them. I don’t get to see my friends’ everyday. I work two jobs. I don’t have time to play catch up. That is why I love facebook. I’m known for my humorous rants and raves. People have said I enjoy your posts and now I have to worry about every word I place there? I feel violated. If you have facebook and you use it to “stalk” certain people then you should be ashamed of yourself. I can’t say I haven’t but I have never EVER cost someone his or her job.


So I plan on getting a new facebook with friends I do care about and friends I want to keep in touch with. There is nothing I want more then to keep my life private. If tripping is not keeping my life private then what is? Next time you go on your facebook check you “friend list” to see who is really your friend. I hope you don’t have to learn the hard lesson I learned that tripping is apparently why I hurt my fucking back.



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