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Zelda’s Wisdom : Ariel Castro: Life or Death? Does it matter?


Zelda’s Wisdom

by Bryanne Marks

Ariel Castro: Life or Death? Does it matter?


Just to give everyone a quick background story Ariel Castro is the man from Cleveland, Ohio who held three young women in captive for ten years. He even had a child with one and beat the other woman out of having one. Luckily on one random day one of the woman broke free to call for help and they were finally out of the hell hole they were living in for however long they were kidnapped themselves. It was a huge media sensation to find kidnapped children now found as adults alive and well. As well as for one man who loves McDonald’s….(lol)

So I was just reading in the news recently about Ariel Castro’s plea deal to avoid the death penalty. The deal would possibly keep Castro in prison for life. The women who were held captive in this case for so long agree with the plea deal. This would help them so that they do not have to testify at the trial. What would you do or want if you were these women?

There are so many ways I can go with this. If I put myself in the women’s shoes I’d be like yes let’s give him this deal. I would never want to see or speak to this man again. I’d want to not testify so that I’d never have to see or hear his voiced again. Especially for one particular victim, Amanda Berry, who had a child with this man. She shows the most resilience then the other three. She was the one who broke free to save their lives. Amanda has a six year old child with this man who has to look every day at this child and be reminded of him enough as it is. Ariel Castro even wants to see the child still! Are you kidding me!? I would never let him see the child, even though he is the father. We don’t know much about their daily lives, but we all know one day it will come out and it will seal the deal as to why this man should be remained locked up for the rest of his life.

To send him to trial would be interesting because I feel a plea deal is just a cop out. I mean yes it’s great he is admitting to his wrong but apparently you can’t hide the fact that you did this and how. You might as well as be called a coward for not facing trial and possibly the deal penalty.

Is the death penalty too harsh? Some would say yes and some would say no because then you get into the conversation of abortion. I’m not going there but I will say this.  He beat the shit out of these women to stop them from having children. At what stage of pregnancy they were in we don’t know. The trial would obviously show that. How many times did he do it? Again the trial would tell us. So that is where a jury would have to decide if and when during pregnancy is that murder. The fact that he beat the woman in general is just another charge against everything else he has done.

I personally feel that this man is a coward. You can steal, cheat, and lie but when it comes to something of this nature you are coward for not standing up to your own actions. I mean think about it, you did this for 10 years and held on to this secret for so long that you can’t even face the woman and families? You think its ok to see a child you bared with a woman who is forever scarred over the fact her child is from a rape and must try to raise her as normal as possible. On top of it decide if she will let her daughter see her father in jail.

This is by far a very sticky situation. We can say what we want to say but this is between four people. Ariel Castro vs. the girls. What he wants vs. what they want. We can only speak our opinion but we will only know what they want to say and what he says in defense to it. You really just need to put yourself in the woman’s shoes and be compassionate as to what they want.  There is no right or wrong outcome to this. There is going to be people who are upset and people who feel things are justified. I think as long as the girls feel and get what they want out of this we should support them. We should never support what a monster did not just 10 years or so but what a lifetime of misery, nightmares, and scars he gave these women.



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