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Zelda’s Wisdom : Online Dating


Zelda’s Wisdom

by Bryanne Marks

Online dating….the new way to find love.

There must be more online dating sites the social media sites out there. From match.com to Christian singles. I mean you can’t go on a social media page without an ad or a friend trying it out. The question is, does it work and how is it going?

I knew of a couple through mutual friends that met and are now married. So do I say it works for all of us, absolutely not? Although in this time and age we live in the era of who has time to go out and meet someone? Not many but you must always be careful that the person you meet isn’t someone else.

Ever heard of the movie now TV show catfish? It’s on MTV (yeah music television grrrrr) and it’s about people trying to meet the ones they fell in love and met online. Nine times out of ten it’s someone completely different from whom they met. Which is devastating? On the other hand people have been murdered or raped by meeting am online catch. I’m sorry it does happen. So you MUST always be careful on who you talk/meet.

I personally have tried online dating sites. I’ve come up with some huge duds. I’ve been ask multiple times for sex. I’ve met guys after the first night never speak to meet again. I’ve done the same. I met a guy on there who was a sweetheart but then told me I was too beautiful to date him. Uh what?  Which all I want was to meet a guy who was busy like me but understood and would whatever what he and myself could do to make it work. I don’t have time for bars and most of my friends are married and have kids so I decided to try to meet someone online.

Well after 9 months of searching I actually met this amazing guy who is so far so good. I don’t mean that as an insult but I’ve been texting and seeing him when I can and I’m truly happy finally finding someone. He is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Only took ten years after my high school sweetheart to find him. 🙂 I’m serious my type of guy I realizes has always been my ex. A musician, tall, older, funny, caring, respectful, accepts me for who I am and won’t change that, and a gentleman on a streets but a great man in the bed. :-X

So do I think online dating works well for me only time will tell. I’m not saying for sure it does but takes my advice: Try it for yourself but be careful out there. No one, not even me know who they are by answering a few questions on an online dating site. Get a friend to go with you in case something happens or tell them where you are going so they know where you are. Life is not a fairy tale unless you make it one. Even the best love life can turn itself into your worst nightmare.


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