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Zelda’s Wisdom : More to Come ……. But What??


Zelda’s Wisdom

by Bryanne Marks

More to Come ……. But What???

More to Come….but what?

In few weeks things are going to change. I’ve been talking with my mentor and we come up with a few more ideas on what to talk about what my blog. I’ll still stick to current events of the coming but I will be talking about music, football and relationships. Just like I said from day one: pretty much everything I was already planning on talking about. I have an idea and I’m going to try to contact a few people on getting interviews with some local bands and try to branch out not only for myself but also for them. I am already trying to get a job at Starland ballroom so that I can also the money and meet a few bands that way as well.

Football is a huge part of my life. The New York Giants are such a huge deal in my life that the stories I’m about to tell you are absolutely insane but true.

When my mother died in 2007 I was watching the playoff season with the Giants as the wild card spot. As each week past the giants moved onto the next round. I watched and I could not believe that this was happening. When the Giants went to the Super Bowl against the Patriots who were undefeated I told myself well at least we got this far. So late in the fourth quarter when I saw that amazing catch in football history did I realize that I was going to be celebrating my 24 birthday the next day having the Giants as super bowl champs!

In July 2011 (my mother also passed away in July but 2007) I lost a very good friend from a sudden death. This friend and I were huge giant fans and every week we would talk about the team. When I went to the wake I went up to his casket: I said my goodbyes and I told him “wouldn’t it be great if the Giants won the superbowl this year” Little did I know they would go on to meet the Patriots again to face off. While all this was going on I didn’t tell anyone of my secret. The Giants were losing in the 4th quarter with minutes left. So I told my friend why I was so hyped up for this. After that, the Giants again made a miracle happen and won the super bowl! I couldn’t believe this was happening again. This time it was the day after my 28th birthday so it was a great birthday present once again.

Now the Super Bowl is finally in New Jersey. I am even volunteering to work the Super Bowl for free just to say that I was there. What I will be doing there I have no idea yet. I need to get clearance first before I even decide what I am going to do. It will be a moment in history that I will never forget.

So hopefully in the next few weeks I’ll be talking about fantasy football. I have a group set up for my job and I will be mentioning my fantasy team, the giants, as well as the weeks in football. I hope that I get chance to work at Starland ballroom and meet bands that need to get their voice out as well as mine.

If there are things you want me to talk about please shoot me a message on Twitter @bryisawesome. You can also find my new facebook fan page called what else Zelda’s Wisdom on there. I’ll also be doing guest spots on Totally Driven TV radio from time to time, as they have been my biggest supporters along with vocnation and wrestlingmarx erik. Without these guys I wouldn’t be anywhere right now except eating ice cream every night or sleeping. I can’t thank them enough so please follow these guys as well on twitter or facebook.

Until next time…this is your geeky sexy gal writing to you for you on Totally Drive Tv’s blog!!!


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