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Zelda’s Wisdom : What Men Want….Or what they told me


Zelda’s Wisdom

by Bryanne Marks

What Men Want……Or What They Told Me

Recently I began to think to myself, why does the spark end in relationships? And what can others and I do to help? Now I’m not saying as women we have to do these things, but I don’t think there is any woman out there who wishes they knew what to do. This is the point in which we panic, and usually where the relationship gets worse to the point of breaking-up.  So stop panicking and listen up, because I asked over 20 men what they miss and what some of us can do about it.

Here’s what they told me:

  • The most obvious? It’s “the spark”. This, if you don’t know, is what made you and him interested in one another in the first place.
  • The passion. Another man I spoke to argues it’s not the spark it’s the passion. “(Passion) is not why you fall in love with somebody; it’s a result of you falling in love with them.”
  • Try new things! Or at least be open to them.
  • To feel appreciated and to not expect them to do things for us women. (In other words, they do all the work to make it work.)
  • To feel wanted, sexually.
  • Random sex. (Shocker!)
  • For the excitement in the relationship to continue.
  • For a woman to accept (me, the man) and not turn me into the husband they want.
  • To trust me, always.
  • Say “yes”.
  • Keep falling in love.
  • Keep being alive together.
  • Anticipation, the newness in things that keep it going.
  • Varity. (It’s the spice of life right?)
  • Physical stimulation. (Hold hands, PDA, etc.)
  • Dress up every once in a while.
  • Spontaneity. (Need to still be willing to do things on a whim.) Not just sex, but anything.
  • “I like being affectionate so I’d like a girl who’s the same. I guess I miss the cuddling. I’m a good cuddler”
  • “Well with past experience the spark ends when the girl becomes a bitch. So don’t be a bitch basically sums it up”
  • For the woman to not change.
  •  “No better feeling for a woman to suck your dick after dinner to put you to sleep….that screams appreciation for a hard works day.” (I wasn’t going to put this one, but hey men are men.)

So there you go ladies. Things you knew already and things that hey are a bird’s eye view into the mind of a man. Some of it is shocking to hear and see, but if they love you they want to love you forever. When we stop dressing down, eating like slobs, not wanting sex, never want to go out with them. That is when they want to seek others or end it. Now you know they are almost like us and actually answered me and told me what they want.

I feel that by their answers we need to do all the work. Oh really? I personally feel that men need to step it up. What you did in the beginning is EXACTLY what we want 10 months, 6 years, for the rest of our lives. Well whatever happened to the random flowers at home or work, the hand holding, kisses in public, the surprise gifts, the day trips, the vacations, date nights, the list can continue, but do you want me to bore you? I think you get the picture guys. We’ll step it up, if you show the effort. It takes two to tango.

Believe me, I don’t agree with everything, but if any ladies out there want to fight back and show men what they want I’m ready to give it both sides.

You can do so by following me and messaging me on Twitter @bryisawesome. I’d love to give men an idea of what you want… because you and I both know we won’t tell them what we want.


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