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Zelda’s Wisdom : What would YOU do if you won the Powerball?


Zelda’s Wisdom

by Bryanne Marks

What would YOU do if you won the Powerball?


Recently two New Jersey tickets won the Powerball lottery and the winners are located no more than 45 minutes (max) from me. Well, congratulations to them and god damn-it why not me?


I dream from time to time what I would do if I would be that lucky person and I swear I have things I would do for others before I’d start buying things for myself. For example, I’d take care of my dad and brother and then give a few friends some money who I know deserve it. Then I’d just buy the necessities for myself: car, house, pay off debt, etc. Would I go back to work? Of course but only part time. I’d be too bored to not work.


Would you travel the world? Help charities out? Buy the most expensive car or house? I’d travel, and help charities but the whole big house and car piss me off now when I see them. I just want a nice house with working appliances and a car with working parts. I’m a cheap date what can I say? 🙂



This picture just embarrasses me of a winner: it is of a man who won, who is going to quit his job, and still watch NASCAR every Sunday. FYI… he was always off Sundays. Not sure what difference it made winning the lottery.


What would you do? Would you get greedy? Buy things you don’t need? Blow all the money you had?  What would you do if family members you don’t like come around? Now what do you do?


Winning the lottery is an amazing fantasy but a harsh reality all at the same time. It will be bring joy and comfort, but it will also bring stress you never asked for.


So the next time you buy a ticket for one of those huge power ball winnings ask yourself: are you ready for the best and worse years of your life ahead of you? Because like anything else in life, it’s not that it doesn’t get better or a little bit easy but it definitely doesn’t make all your dreams come true.


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