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Weekly Angst & TV Nation 2 for 1 Special

Weekly Angst & TV Nation 2 for 1 Special

by Nick Wilkinson

weekly angst

Loyal follows of the TV NATION & Weekly Angsters. This is your fearless leader Sick-Nick with a TV Nation & Weekly Angst 2 for 1 special!

Today I wanted to talk about some of the wonderful programming available on HULU now that they have branched out into their own original programming as well.

Today I’ll talk briefly about 3 different shows I think you’ll really enjoy.

Lets start with the angst. You know how I love my teen dramas and everything that comes along with that.

East Los High – East Los High is a 2013 Hulo exclusive teen drama produced/directed/written by Carlos Portugal and starring Janine Larina, Gabriel Chavarria, and Alicia Sixtos. The series is Hulu’s first and only series with an all Latino cast.

The show follows Jessie, a geeky junior at East Los High a fictional school in a working class Los Angeles neighborhood. Jessie, an only child in a single parent Latino household, is busy with preparing for college and fantasizing about her crush Jacob. Jessie’s cousin Maya is a runaway with a troubled past who moves in with her at the beginning of the series.


Like any great angst filled TV show East Los High combines the usual elements of sex, drugs and teen angst. The unique cast and location provide a glimpse into a world and culture that we might not really be all that familiar with as well.




Next up we have a really funny series via HULU from the UK called Fresh Meat.

Fresh Meat – Broadcast originally on channel 4 on 21 September 2011 in the UK.


The plot revolves around the lives of six students who are freshman (with the exception of Howard) at the fictional Manchester Medlock University, Manchester. They live in a shared house off-campus in Rusholme rather than university halls of residence, due to their late application.




Finally we have The Awesomes a very entertaining animated show that grownups & kids can both enjoy.


The Awesomes – The Awesomes is an animated comedy television series starring SNL’s Seth Meyers streamed on Hulu. The show follows a group of superheroes who are a part of a once legendary superhero team. Under new leadership, The Awesomes attempt to put themselves back together.




So guys, check out these shows, let me know what you think in the comments section and whatever you do, stay frosty.






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