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Ex Phillie Scott Eyre returns to Totally Driven Radio to talk about Charlie Manual’s Firing & More !!!


 Ex Phillie Scott Eyre returns to Totally Driven Radio to talk about Charlie Manual’s Firing & More !!!

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Totally Driven Radio, the weekly radio podcast heard live every Thursday night from 8 – 11 pm est time on the VOC Radio Network, covers the world of sports and entertainment each week, as well as bringing you celebrity guests interviews.

This week one of our guests was guest was Ex Phillies Pitcher, and member of the 2008 World Series Championship team, Scott Eyre.

Scott returned to Totally Driven Radio this week to talk about the Phillies firing their coach Charlie Manual.

He explained his feelings on the firing on his former coach, how he felt about Charlie and his coaching style, and who he feels is more to blame for the team’s performance.

He talked about his feelings for former teammate Jimmy Rollins who said he didn’t waive his No Trade clause so he can break more of the Phillies team records.

How it sounds like this team that played like a family and a team while he was a member, now plays like individuals.

Talked about other coaches he played for, and what it was like when your coach was fired in the middle of a season.

He also talked about how he is now coaching High School baseball, and whether he would like to pursue a career in the Major or Minor leagues.

Plus he talked about his family traveling around the country in their RV, The Jersey Shore, and more !!!

Scott Eyre joins Totally Driven Radio at the 65 minute mark, and hangs out with the boys for almost 30 minutes to discuss these topics and more.

You can listen here


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