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Angela Everwood returns to Totally Driven Radio to talk upcoming shows, making videos, music therapy & MORE !!!


Angela Everwood returns to Totally Driven Radio to talk……………

upcoming shows, making videos, music therapy & MORE !!!


Totally Driven Radio, the weekly radio podcast heard live every Thursday night from 8 – 11 pm est time on the VOC Nation Radio Network, covers the world of sports and entertainment each week, as well as bringing you celebrity guests interviews.

Country Singer Angela Everwood returned to Totally Driven Radio for her second appearance, ….. Angela was a guest this week and discussed a ton of topics…………

She talked about her big show this coming Sunday at the closing of the Rodeo at Plymouth Meeting LuLu Shriners, where she will perform a full 90 minute set and then officially open the rodeo with the National Anthem.

She discussed the pressure of singing the National Anthem and how that is more pressure than performing a 90 minute set.

She talked about singing in front of larger crowds of 5 – 10,000 people and how she prefers larger crowds than smaller more intimate crowds.

She also told us how she spent the summer writing new music and how all her new songs are 100% taken by recent experiences in her life.

Angela talked about her first single and video “Burn Out Bright” and what it was like making a video and how 3 days of filming made something she is so proud of.

She explained her love of music and how it truly is therapeutic.

Angela is also playing World Café Live in Philadelphia, Pa on Thursday 9/26

Angela joins Totally Driven Radio at the 95 minute mark, and hangs out with the boys for over 25 minutes to discuss these topics and more.

You can listen here


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Totally Driven Radio is heard on the VOC Nation Radio Network at www.VOCnation.com


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