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Totally Driven Entertainment & Radio parts ways with VOC Nation Radio Network


Totally Driven Entertainment & Radio parts ways with  

VOC Nation Radio Network


(For Immediate Release)

After much thought and discussion it has been decided it would be more beneficially in a long term goal, for Totally Driven to leave the VOC.

Totally Driven was something that was started in April 2012, and really came to flourish starting in November 2012 with the start of Totally Driven Radio.

We want to thank both Bruce Wirt & Erik Hauck of the VOC Nation Radio Network, for not only allowing us to be a part of their network, but allowing our CEO Bay Ragni to be a part of their team.

We will still support anything the VOC does from here on out, just like we supported them before we partnered up.

We here at Totally Driven Entertainment not only believe in Bruce and their network of shows, but everything they do.

We can never thank them enough, but at this time we feel it is time to move on, on our own to pursue our dreams for Totally Driven.

Phase one of that dream has been the Totally Driven Website, which will be revamped in the coming weeks, so we will continue to bring you blogs and articles from our staff of writers, as well as any new writers that join our team. Plus don’t forget our Driven Darling of the Day.

Phase two will be the launching of our own radio network “Totally Driven Entertainment Radio Network”, with the debut this Thursday Night with “Totally Driven Radio” & Sunday Night with “TV Nation”

And you never know what will happen for Phase three !!!

So remember……………….. Stay Driven !!!

Bay Ragni

CEO Of Totally Driven Entertainment


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