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Zelda’s Wisdom : More to Come ……. But What??

Zelda’s Wisdom by Bryanne Marks More to Come ……. But What??? More to Come….but what? In few weeks things are going to change. I’ve been talking with my mentor and we come up with a few more ideas on what to talk about what my blog. I’ll still stick to current events of the coming … Continue reading

Zelda’s Wisdom : Online Dating

Zelda’s Wisdom by Bryanne Marks Online dating….the new way to find love. There must be more online dating sites the social media sites out there. From match.com to Christian singles. I mean you can’t go on a social media page without an ad or a friend trying it out. The question is, does it work … Continue reading

Zelda’s Wisdom : Ariel Castro: Life or Death? Does it matter?

Zelda’s Wisdom by Bryanne Marks Ariel Castro: Life or Death? Does it matter?   Just to give everyone a quick background story Ariel Castro is the man from Cleveland, Ohio who held three young women in captive for ten years. He even had a child with one and beat the other woman out of having … Continue reading

Zelda’s Wisdom : 30 days of Reality???

  Zelda’s Wisdom by Bryanna Marks 30 Days of Reality   Thirty Days….of….reality?   I decided to go thirty days without Facebook. (I can’t do without Twitter because that is how I get in contact with my friends due to my blog. So I’m halfway out. haha) Today is my first day (7/25) and so far it’s … Continue reading

Zelda’s Wisdom : Trayvon vs Zimmerman

Zelda’s Wisdom Trayvon Vs. Zimmerman Is there really any winner? by Bryanne Marks   Everyone and their grandmother are in an out roar over this case. Still. There are so many points to make and so many sides to take but in the end, Zimmerman is free and Trayvon is dead. If it makes any … Continue reading

Zelda’s Wisdom : And Here We Go !!!

Zelda’s Wisdom Zelda: Wisdom, Courage, and Power Awesome Zelda Zelda: Not your ordinary princess I dunno!!!!!  And Here We…..Go !!! Let me start off by saying that this is truly an honor to be doing this blog for voc nation. I’d like to thank my best friend Erik who helped me get the opportunity to start … Continue reading

Totally Driven Entertainment & VOC Nation Join Forces !!!

    Totally Driven Entertainment Joins Forces with VOC Nation   For the past 9 months, The VOC Radio Network has carried the weekly radio program, Totally Driven Radio on their network. As of today, the next step between the two super powers of media entertainment outlets joining forces to bring our WORLDWIDE fan base … Continue reading

Hamels Foundation : MEDIA ALERT: Get PUMPED for Vertex event on May 22, 2013​

Get PUMPED! Vertex PUMPED event to benefit The Hamels Foundation on May 22, 2013   For IMMEDIATE RELEASE   May 21, 2013 (Bryn Mawr, PA) – On Wednesday, May 22, 2013 at 5:30 pm, Vertex Fitness Personal Training Studio will host its Third Vertex Fitness PUMPED in their parking lot at 931 Lancaster Avenue, Bryn … Continue reading


We invite EVERYONE to join us in NEW YORK this Saturday, May 4th for a live screening of BARBED WIRE CITY (with Q&A to follow immediately) at the GRAMERCY THEATRE located at 127 E. 23rd Street in New York, NY 10010. Doors open 11am. Film at 12 noon. Q&A immediately following. Drinks and Food after that. Tickets … Continue reading

Mav’s Comic Roundup : 4/26/13

Mav’s Comic Roundup : 4/26/13 By Mike “Mav” Grandizio Recently there has been a lot of talk about a Justice League movie, it started with the success of the Marvel cinematic universe, and has kicked into overdrive with the pending release of this summers Man of Steel. I’ve been thinking, and talking, a lot about … Continue reading

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