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Man Cave QB : Why did Lance Armstrong Give Up !

Man Cave Quarterback by Frank Naimoli Why did Lance Armstrong Give Up ! Lance Armstrong has given up his fight against doping allegations from the USADA. He never failed one test and has taken over 500 .He was tested in competition, and out of competition. He was tested at the Olympics, at the Tour de France, at … Continue reading

VOC Wrestling Nation – 8/29/12 – Joey Styles, Jimmy Hart

VOC Wrestling Nation  8/29/12 Joey Styles, Jimmy Hart Joey Styles rejoined the VOC Nation to break big news regarding a partnership at Legends of the Ring 15 that will highly benefit wrestling fans. Joey also discussed in depth the WWE’s overuse of the word WORLDWIDE on television, and came to admit the theft of the … Continue reading

Monster-Mania Radio #6 – “Hell Was Raised!”

Monster-Mania Radio #6 “Hell Was Raised!” Recovering after an Amazing Monster-Mania Con 22, Promoter Dave Hagan and Horror Enthusiast, Rob Dimension are back with a recap of the action. They discuss some of the goings ons at the Con plus Dave shares a highlight that made it all worth it. Dimension talks about the Save A Yorkie … Continue reading

XOC Podcast #40 – “Buy me for $20!”

XOC Podcast #40 “Buy me for $20!” Extreme Odd Couple Podcast One this weeks Extreme Odd Couple podcast, Corino tries to figure out just how much it would cost for Dimension to follow you on Twitter….apparently, it aint much! Wait until you hear who ruined Wrestling for Steve. Plus, what are the rules for Morning … Continue reading


EXTREME RISING PRESENTS  MAJOR LIVE SHOW WITH A DOUBLE MAIN EVENT CROWNING OF FIRST CHAMPION AND STEEL CAGE MATCH Philadelphia, PA –Saturday, November 17, 2012 7pm EXTREME RISING returns to the Pennsylvania National Guard Armory 2700 Southampton Road  Philadelphia, PA 19154 for a major card that will feature the first-ever crowning of the Extreme Rising … Continue reading

TD TV Fantasy Football Draft Order VIDEO

1st Annual TD TV Fantasy Football League Draft Order Video Here is our CEO Bay Ragni Picking the order of our Staff & Fan League Pick #10 – Razors Edge TD TV Fan Joe Pick #9 – Kris Krude himself  – Julian Pick #8 – NFL Depot / Blitzburgh – TD TV Staff Member – … Continue reading

The NFL Depot : NFC South Preview

The NFL Depot  by Dave Mest Jr. NFC South Preview Welcome Back to the NFL Depot! Just as always I’m your host Dave Mest! With some unseen issues over the last few weeks, I’m going to bring a quick overview of the remaining six divisions. We start things off with a short review of the … Continue reading


WATCH UNAUTHORIZED ECW DOCUMENTARY IN YOUR HOME WITH ECW WRESTLERS AND THE FILM PRODUCERS   Producers of the “Unauthorized Documentary on ECW” have upped the ante and added some cool dimension to some of the levels of gifts offered for backing the project. Pledges and gifts start as low as a $10 donation with such … Continue reading

Today, Monday, Agust 27, 2012, marks the 45th Anniversary of the East Coast Wrestling Association (ECWA).

Today, Monday, Agust 27, 2012, marks the 45th Anniversary of the East Coast Wrestling Association (ECWA). The ECWA, established in 1967 by founder and promoter of many years Jim Kettner, is the oldest independent professional wrestling company in the United States today! The ECWA was acquired by Michael Tartaglia, the current owner and promoter, in August 2010. At the time … Continue reading

Actual Video From New “Unauthorized ECW Documentary” Released. Project Funds. Answer to the Million Dollar Question.

BWC Films Update   T-minus 23 days and counting… As of today, the Kickstarter fundraising page for the new “Unauthorized ECW Documentary” is now 25% funded, with 128 backers from around the World. We have just over 3 weeks to get this project funded so it can be completed, premiered, and released to fans. ANY … Continue reading

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